Majestic Christmas gowns and dresses

So beautiful…. Christmas dresses!

If money was no object I’d wear a different one every day!

More Christmas ideas on Pinterest

Kelly Green Quinceanera Dress

5 thoughts on “Majestic Christmas gowns and dresses

  1. Beautiful, Adora. Many, in fact, are striking. Of course, many also would be practical only if the wearer stayed in one place.

    “Were money no object…” Well, how many hopes rise from that qualification?

    Fortunately for us, Christmas is precisely the time for dreams. Thanks for the reminder we have souls!

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    1. Thank you and thanks for visiting! I suppose the key might be having somewhere to wear these dresses to… then again I’m not above simply wearing them to the grocery store… or perhaps downtown… wearing a mask of course!


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