Winter is so beautiful… at least in pictures

I love winter… in photos, online and on TV. I also love living in Florida and not having to deal with winter IRL (in real life). Many northerners are probably sick to death of it this year already. I know — I lived in the north for more than 30 years. I still enjoy the beautiful photos though!

Whispers of Winter – Pinterest

Winter River

Central Park

White Christmas Cookies

Winter Snowflake Cookies

Winter Spirits

Layed Mocha Hot Chocolate

Winter’s Moonlight

Frozen Snowflake

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Snowy Winter Glow

29 thoughts on “Winter is so beautiful… at least in pictures

  1. Absolutely gorgeous, JoAnn! That you chose those photos in particular speaks well of your aesthetic. The scenery is exquisite, and snuggling’s warm coziness is unparalleled,

    Still, dealing with the cracked skin and the sliding (both your car’s, and yours), both are part of the season’s dark underbelly. And, speaking of darkness, why is there so much of it? Right now, around the solstice, days are, what, about two minutes long?

    You’re right, most Northerners are looking for the exits already. Is it April yet?

    Maybe, but still, I just love the seasons. That’s the advantage to living in a continental nation – we’re so vast, it’s possible to get on a plane to enjoy Florida’s balmy greenery, then to return later (and suitably refreshed) to indulge in more coziness.

    For now, of course, that flexibility is just theoretical, but that mobility will return eventually. When it does, get ready for the tourists!

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    1. I know I’m definitely in the right place as it doesn’t bother me much at all that we have a nearly endless summer. And like any good Floridan, transplant or otherwise, I bitch like crazy when the temperature drops below 70.

      Two minutes long, lol. Yes sometimes it does feel that way 🙂

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  2. Yes, it is truly beautiful … when I am inside looking out with a hot drink in my hand … 😉
    Our winter until now is gray and wet and miserable, it hardly gets light during the day because of the thick clouds. I think I would prefer the cold, if it was accompanied by sunshine.

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