Just another Florida winter

Happy holidays from Florida!!

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17 thoughts on “Just another Florida winter

  1. So that’s where the sun went. Give it back, Florida!

    Seriously, you already have coconuts. Now you just are just being greedy.

    So help me, if that sun isn’t shining by the time I count to five, you never will see another snowflake again. Swear to God, I’ll do it!

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    1. Ha ha, you’re too funny! We will give it back… works a lot like a government entity… you’ll just have to wait four (if you’re lucky) to six months for it be returned in full to you.

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      1. Four to six months? Bonus!

        See, I was expecting to wait seven. Sure, the weather around here starts warming in late April, but the sun doesn’t bother getting out of bed until mid-July.

        Yet here we have a Floridian – by definition, someone with a PhD in sunshine – tell us it’ll be four months, six at the most. You just made my day, Ms. Sunshine State!

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    1. When I was a kid we used to spend every Christmas break at my grandparents’ house in Arizona. I miss it a lot actually… miss the red rocks and cactus. If you live there I’m sure it gets old though

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      1. I’m from the Midwest, and now live in Southern (Border) Arizona. I miss the seasons something fierce! Northern Arizona can be quite beautiful, though! 😉

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  2. Hahaha! This is the snark of Florida coming our way, is it? Meanwhile, Summer, though a ways off, will be our payback. It is a surreal vision to see these memes depicting a Floridian vibe on Christmas, though. Happy days to you, JoAnn!

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