The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without coconuts

In many Caribbean cultures, coconuts play an important role in the Christmas festivities, from painting and decorating to eating all kinds of coconut goodies. And of course here in America we just adore anything coconut… with the exception of those crazy kakamora that is!

If this doesn’t cure your depression… you must have one very bad case of depression! I recommend sending yourself a coconut postcard and then afterwards indulge in a few coconut treats. That’s my non-medical advice… I’m lucky to have a license to drive!

There’s just never enough time. I wanted to complete this post before Christmas but I lacked the time to get it done. Sorry about that!

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Hand painted coconuts!

Christmas coconut goodies!

Coconut Christmas trees and ornaments!

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15 thoughts on “The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without coconuts

  1. Right JoAnn, coconuts do make the holidays! Your pictures captivate and your links inspire, invigorating the idea.

    Of course, they make the rest of the year complete too, don’t they?

    Oh, over the break I discovered a recipe from Guam I want to try. It calls for shredded coconut, among other ingredients. Well, I got an Amazon gift card for Christmas, meaning I’ll add a coconut shredder to the order.

    Looks like coconuts are going to make 2021 delicious!

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    1. Something needs to give us all a lift! More coconuts please!
      Coconut shredder? How fabulous is that? Yes, you will definitely need to dish on that. 😎😋🥥🌴


    1. Hmm, I was just thinking I bet someone has already thought about making coconut birdhouses and then when I searched it yes indeed there are many examples of coconut birdhouses on the web… would be great for a future post!!

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  2. After reading (and seeing!) this, I feel an indescribable urge to acquire coconut, but not the same urge to ascend a palm to retrieve one. Thanks, JoAnn, for bringing a simple pleasure within visual reach! I guess the rest is up to me!

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    1. When we went to Mexico one year long long ago they would send small children climbing up the coconut palms to knock the coconuts down and then a woman with a giant machete would dehusk the coconut. I was young and so I was nothing but marveled.


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