Happy Tuesday: Warm socks and the New Year’s blues

THE INITIAL GLOW OF A NEW YEAR is always euphoric, isn’t it? At least for me. The brain swells with ideas and inspiration. Everything seems easy as pie. Solve all the world’s problems and bring about world peace? Sure, no problem! I’m on it. Won’t you be surprised when I get back to you in a day’s time!

Then, just like a drug, the euphoric feelings quickly fade and the brain’s functioning returns to planet earth. Something else settles in. Is it the blues? No, it’s more like a big dose of reality, I suppose… a swift kick in the noggin by reality.

Well, anyway, one must find healthy ways to keep the spirits up and the energy going strong. Healthy you say? Yes, I did say healthy! Keep the vodka consumption at a minimun, please.

One thing I am sooo thankful for is having a few pairs of warm socks in the winter. Even here in Florida we get chilly days and nights and warm socks are just the cat’s meow.

When we can appreciate even the most minuscule shards of wonderment… well, that is the source of true happiness. Is it not??

Humor is a great thing, too. Enjoy these funny socks. They gave me a good chuckle. I don’t get a commission for any of this stuff so no worries. It’s just all for fun.

Here’s to keeping our human spirits up and alive!

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First, check out these customizable cat socks! Just upload your cat’s photo and you’re half way there. These really are the cat’s meow!

Funny matzo ball socks
Matzo Ball socks! HotSox
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8 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday: Warm socks and the New Year’s blues

  1. Thanks for your kind thoughts, Adora!

    As for my personal collection. something tells me we may see more in the months ahead. (Really, how narcissistic must I be to think people actually want to look at my sock drawer?)

    Oh well, I started us down this path, so let’s see where it leads.

    To wit, snaps of socks will appear in the blog’s future articles. Provided they relate thematically, of course.

    So, how’s THAT for driving traffic to the site? I mean, there have to be whole ones or twos of people who ponder my sartorial instinct, right?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I believe socks would fit in splendidly within soup posts… then again, if you care to make a stab at being Mark Twain or Dave Barry you could brilliantly draw a comparison between socks and just about anything…. asparagus maybe… golf… exploding whales… silver mining. Doesn’t matter really! Go ahead and try it!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great collection, Adora! With 2021 off to a vibrant start like this, how can it not be an improvement?

    Of course, I thought I had an eclectic sock drawer of my own, but it turns out…no. No, I don’t.

    The Walken pair drew my attention first.

    “I’ve got a FEVAH, and the doctor says the only cure is MORE SOCKS!”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha, for a moment there my mind kept seeing ‘electric’ instead of ‘eclectic’… electric socks… now that would be something!

      Clever play on words there with ‘more socks’. That really made me laugh. 😂

      Now I’m thinking about what ‘eclectic’ socks you may have in your drawer. You opened that can of worms now you must continue! Please 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. They would definitely make a great gift! I do wonder what the cat in question would do upon seeing it’s own face on someone’s socks. Perhaps the cat would get angry like they do when they see their own reflection in the mirror. Or, perhaps they would be indifferent, chalking it up it silly human stuff. Not sure 🤔

      Liked by 1 person

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