God bless our little country in turmoil!

It saddens my heart just as I know it saddens a lot of people to see the horrendous things that are happening in our little country of America.

I pray for the safety of our people, especially our lawmakers who it seems are so shockingly vulnerable.

I try to stay in the middle of things, even though I do belong to a specific political party. What happened yesterday has nothing to do with politics however. It just has to do with pure hatred and disregard for our country.

Let’s all pray for peace!

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13 thoughts on “God bless our little country in turmoil!

  1. Kudos to those few sensible views in the Republican party who are willing to call out this criminal insurrection for what it is. “We, the people” must always be the louder voices than “we, the unlawful.”

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    1. Yes, kudos indeed to those Republicans… not surprised but very sad that our own Rick Scott was among the 8 senators that still voted to object… luckily they were very much in the minority though!

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  2. I started praying for peace this summer when our cities were going up in flames when the far left was rampaging. Now we have the far right rampaging. Both sides have lost their mind. It would be great if getting rid of one person Trump was the solution but that would be naive. ideally we have leaders that bring people to the table and hash out issues and find compromise. Biden can do that. Whats the alternative? Hunt down the 70 million people that voted Trump? Hoping for the best.

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    1. Already Biden has shown that he is purveyor of peace and a uniter. He’s the right person at the right time. He has his work cut out for him though… anger and hate are powerful adversaries. 😕

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  3. More than willing am I to pray for peace. In fact, I do so every day, JoAnn. It will not happen, until we are at peace within ourselves, however. Thank you for not being rancorous (can’t imagine that), and for realizing the remedies for our Country and for ourselves are not political in origin but spiritual.

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