Florida foliage: Captivating callicarpa

I took these pixies back in October of last year on the same trip to the local park as when I took the photos for the “The phenomenal flaming torch.”

Just like the flaming torch these instantly caught my eye. They are quite unique aren’t they? So robust and striking… they almost look fake as the color is so profound and flawless.

Derived from the Greek, the name callicarpa translates to beautiful fruit. The bright and brilliant purple berries are edible but I didn’t try to eat one. Reportedly they are bitter when eaten sans any kind of outside interference like cooking or sweetening.

Callicarpa are native to east and southeast Asia, Australia, Madagascar, southeast North America and South America… that’s a lot of places! These in particular are known as callicarpa americana or beautyberry.

For the love of nature!!

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Callicarpa – JoAnn Ryan – Orlando, FL
callicarpa americana or beautyberry
Callicarpa – JoAnn Ryan – Orlando, FL
callicarpa americana or beautyberry.
Callicarpa – JoAnn Ryan – Orlando, FL

13 thoughts on “Florida foliage: Captivating callicarpa

  1. As you and others have noted, JoAnn, the color is striking! Your snaps are a vibrant celebration. In fact, though this is the first time I’ve heard of beautyberries, thanks to your imagery, I already can imagine their flavor. I wonder how close I am.

    You mention cooking, and that stirs my inner foodie, of course. Would you happen to know, do beautyberries retain their color throughout cooking, or does it fade, as, alas, it does for purple asparagus?

    If beautyberries do remain “colorfast,” imagine the brilliant possibilities!

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