We all go a little mad sometimes…

I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts lately when it comes to this blog… I don’t even know why. I feel indecisive or something. Kind of like when I take a sentence or paragraph and obsessively write and rewrite it only to get exhausted and give up on it entirely. Similar kind of thing.

Hopefully my mind will sort itself out soon and my mojo will return. Til then enjoy this meme from one of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock movies.

Hitch is of course known for his fantastic perspective shots, thus capturing unforgettably unique characterizations and emotionally raw moments from his band of actors and actresses.

In my opinion Psycho is the best example of this although Vertigo and Rear Window are quite excellent examples as well. Spooky, haunting, suspenseful… lots of built up fear. Helps a lot to have great actors like Jimmy Stewart and Anthony Perkins.

Anyway, no proper transition here. I do hope everyone is doing well!!

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36 thoughts on “We all go a little mad sometimes…

  1. Totally get you on some days feeling a little off. I think today is one such day. In fact, I think I’ve been feeling this way the entire week. I guess the only thing to do when it comes is to accept it. Everything passes sooner or later. Wishing you all the best with your madness!

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  2. Asking the right questions is key to a healthy acceptance of life. Answers may or may not be forthcoming; at least the ones we usually expect. Sounds like you’re dealing with some blockage in your life, JoAnn. By the end of this weekend I’ll have Part 3 of my movie list finished, and you’ll at least have some more diversionary food for the mind. 🙂 Take care of that creative spirit of yours!

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  3. First, JoAnn, I definitely agree with the line. As you know, no-one is 100% “sane.” Indeed, even were such a unique creature to exist, that “perfect sanity” would, ironically enough, make him highly abnormal.

    Now, as for your current anomie (of sorts), it happens to all of us. Particularly given the last year’s disruptions. Who among us hasn’t questioned his assumptions, and when hasn’t that realization inspired a change in priorities, or even of direction?

    Still, the qualities you bring – your curiosity, your wit and your sense of style (among other attributes) – remain. Even if you decide to reorient yourself, you’ll do it well. And we still will be eager to see where you take things next.

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    1. Well, one thing hasn’t changed… still hoping to win a million dollars somewhere. Man (and woman) cannot live on bread alone… still gotta pay that, too 😉

      Thank you so much for the kind words. I suppose when we can collectively embrace our flaws it’s a leap forward… and let go of all the negative emotions that often come with it.

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      1. Do we embrace our flaws or try to overcome them?

        This, the struggle between realism and idealism, has animated people for millennia now, and will keep us going for thousands of years yet.

        Of course, a million dollars sure would smooth over a lot of flaws…

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  4. Look lady – if you are able to deal with such desolate feelings (and I know all of these feeling,trust me I really do!) Without the aid .of drugs or alcohol and you are able to just ride them out, well, you need to understand that if this is the case you are a Big Hero and a strong person in my mind.

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          1. Believing in yourself is the first key in the pursuit of acheieving your goals, and remember no matter what we do or don’t do in life we won’t please every person, but we must stay the course to attain our goals in our personal and professional life!!!!

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