Then we’ll shoot across the sky…

Oh angel sent from up above…

(And then I remember, it’s not all about me!)

I was stuck inside my head for a spell. I’m a human after all… bound to make mistakes and be forgetful and whatnot.

Getting stuck inside one’s head means that things need to get reigned in. I have to remind myself that it’s not all about me. My focus needs to shift outward and away from myself.

And there’s so much wondrous stuff out there to focus on. It’s such an amazing world isn’t it! Nowhere is that more apparent than when visiting people’s blogs and seeing all the amazing things they are up to… cooking, drawing, photographing, inspiring… and of course writing… we all have that in common, dont’ we?

This becomes the oddest kind of paradox in that I actually start to feel better because I’m not thinking about myself so much.

We were meant to take care of ourselves… but we wern’t meant to obsess about ourselves!

As a side note, I got food poisoning on Friday. I was so sick! I spent yesterday resting, sipping a little warm soup here and there, writing and reading blogs.

I do hope everyone had a better weekend than me and I hope everyone has a great Sunday!

…you know you make my world light up.!

P. S. Enjoy the video below. It’s such a great song.

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pretty flower, the key to happiness
Mountains and icy lake, the key to happiness
Photo by Riccardo Bresciani on
pretty cat, the key to happiness
Photo by Pixabay on

16 thoughts on “Then we’ll shoot across the sky…

  1. Glad to read you’re on the mend, JoAnn!

    Generally speaking, I’m quite healthy, but I’m not immune (so to speak) to the occasional sniffle, watery eyes, etc.. Of course, in the current environment, such things immediately bring frantic speculation this-might-be-COVID!. Naturally (and fortunately), it never is.

    As for directing your focus outward rather than inward, I get what your saying, and agree it’s a good idea for all of us, but I would point out your internals are a pretty good place to get “stuck.” After all, over the past year – that is, since I started reading – you’ve taken us to all sorts of beautiful and intriguing destinations.

    In fact, it seems a burst of creativity and curiosity often follows your internal musings. All part of your mind’s ebb and flow, leaving a rich sediment.

    By God, JoAnn, you’re the Nile delta!

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    1. Yes, every sneeze and sniffle comes with a little tinge of wonder… has my luck finally run out? Am I the next person to be added to the COVID-19 statistical list? Luckily sometimes a sneeze is just a sneeze and food positioning is unfortunately… or perhaps fortunately… just food poisoning. Amazing how there really is a bright side to everything!

      I suppose it’s true that after a low spell I do get more creative and inspired… never really thought about it like that. Thank you for pointing that out. Funny how life works 🙂


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