Naughty or nice? Valentine’s Day candles & incense

The celebration of Valentine’s Day can vary greatly amongst different people and so can the gift-giving.

Here are some scenerios:

  • Dating mode: Maybe you’ll be spending this time with someone new… anticipation, nervousness, uncertainty, hopefulness… it’s all there and part of the allure.
  • Married or in a relationship: Maybe you’ve been with someone for a while and are enjoying the feeling of endurance, togetherness, security, true love and all that jazz.
  • Single: Either you’re loving the freedom and independence or abhorring the loneliness. Perhaps you’ll be spending the day with friends or one special friend…. or perhaps with your cat, a box of chocolates all to yourself and a great movie.

No matter the scenario, candles, incense and unique decorating ideas such as these are always appropriate. Interesting to note there are a lot of naughty candles out there… I had no idea… the funny candles pictured below are the tame versions.🙂

For even naughtier candles check out these on Etsy

Candles for Love

beautiful valentine candles

Funny Candles

Incense & Incense Holders

Beautiful Candles

beautiful valentine candles decor

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5 thoughts on “Naughty or nice? Valentine’s Day candles & incense

  1. Splendid collection, Adora. Perfect for whatever flavor Sunday’s celebrations (or lack thereof) take.

    The candles are particularly delicious. When you mentioned limiting the show to the “tame” versions, I was skeptical at first. That is, until I followed the links.

    Ha! …and, Oh My… Then, Ha! again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha, yeah I had no idea either til I looked into it! It just goes to show the tendency some of us humans have to muddy up everything. 🙂
      I’m more than ok with “standard” candles. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. As am I, though the remainder does serve those who would add a little excitement to Sunday’s celebrations.

        Of course, one would have to be pretty confident the Other is on the same page, more or less, or the candle’s message could go terribly, terribly wrong. “What a disaster. Not at all what I had in mind!”

        Liked by 1 person

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