From the coconut files: Birdhouses, rum drinks and sing-a-longs

A coconut birdhouse? Sure, of course. This idea came to me a while back via fellow blogger Fred over at Au Natural in response to my last coconutty post: The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without coconuts. His insightful words…

“A coconut would make a good bird house.”

What a great idea!

Of course…. as the old saying goes… it’s all been done before. Indeed I found several examples of coconut birdhouses out on the great wide web so I posted a few awesome ones here.

Now, just like any good bartender, I decided to mix things up with some lovely coconut rum ideas. Why not? Something needs to get us through winter, not to mention the LCC… that is, the lingering COVID catastrophe.

coconut birdhouse Pinterest (Jeffery Martin, flickr)
Pinterest (Jeffery Martin, flickr)

So, here’s the plan. Place one of these coconut birdhouses in your yard and then shake up one of these nice coconut rum cocktails… or some other drink of your choice… coffee, tea, moonshine, whatever.

Sit yourself down in a nice chaise lounge outside or a comfy recliner inside near a window and wait for the birdies to come. If they don’t… don’t be sad. You’ll still have your rum drink as a consolation!

You can also watch this impressive flash-mob-style performance of “The Coconut Song”. You can even sing along if you’re feeling coconutty.

Enjoy and have a great week… if for no other reason than just for pure spite!!

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Rich and decadent Coconut Rum Hot Cocoa
Coconut Rum Hot Chocolate on

beach coconut drink

17 thoughts on “From the coconut files: Birdhouses, rum drinks and sing-a-longs

  1. Swell ideas and great pictures, JoAnn.

    Though it seems to me, the birds have a problem. See, after they’ve raised their hatchlings and it’s time to leave the nest, the youngsters won’t budge. After living their whole lives in a coconut’s reassuring embrace, how can the rest of the world be anything other than one giant letdown?

    Still, a sip or two of a Green Iguana should ease the parents’ worries.

    Meanwhile, we’ll keep our buzz going by contemplating just a few more coco-nutty miracles. Like coconut milk. Thai Coconut-Pineapple Curry, anyone? Or think about Hawaiian shirts, with their coconut hull buttons!

    Coconuts, you magnificent b******s, I read your post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha 😂😂
      If a coconut was your house you really have no reason to go far!

      Coconut milk is really a godsend. One of these says I should do a post just about coconut milk.

      By the way, swell is a word that doesn’t get used nearly enough so I’m glad you have incorporated into your vocabulary choices here. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Good thing, then, JoAnn, as “swell” just edged out “nifty.”

        Besides, “nifty” has, I think, more nuance. Better saved for something more specific, such as a discussion of coconut milk.

        Therefore, please, go ahead with your post. If your write-up has anything close to the potential I think it will, It’ll earn at least two “nifty”s in response!

        Liked by 1 person

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