Wacky Wednesday: The lucidity of warped

Warped… now there’s an interesting word. Have you ever thought about that?

Do you enjoy seeking out the definition of words? I do, even when I think I know the meaning. Sometimes the result is rather surprising. For some reason that I can’t readily identify, I became mildly fixated on the word warp and it’s conjugate warped.

Believe it or don’t but I discovered a gem of a video that attempts to shed light on the word warp. I attached it below but I must warn you it’s a bit freakish and you may not be the same again if you watch it…. ever! Don’t say I didn’t warp you.. I mean warn you!

So, getting past that, I suppose I thought the meaning of the word warp was along the lines of what you might call a distrurbed or deranged person if you just wanted to go ahead and be completely un-politically correct about it.

And while that may indeed be correct… warp actually has quite a few meanings.

  • To bend or twist out of shape
  • To deflect from a course
  • To moor a ship with a rope
  • The arrangement of yarn to form cloth
  • “A situation, environment, etc., that seems characteristic of another era, especially in being out of touch with contemporary life or attitudes, etc.”
  • To cover (land) with a deposit of alluvial soil by natural or artificial flooding
  • A mental aberration
  • To pervert something
  • Strange or distorted… “a mental twist, bias, or quirk, or a biased or twisted attitude or judgment.”

Derived from these sources: Mirriam-Webster, Dictionary.com and TheFreeDictionary.com

One might, or might not, wonder about the Star Trek term warp speed. This term seems to have derived from “time warp,” as in a bending, twisting or distortion of time. I’m sure you already knew that!

Happy Wednesday to all, both the warped and the non-warped!

Wednesday is for the wonderful, the wacky and/or the weird.

warp speed. The definition of warp/warped
what is warped, warp speed. The definition of warp/warped

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14 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday: The lucidity of warped

  1. I love words. Exploring their different meanings, learning new things. Like “warp” is also a reference to flooding. I live near a flood plain: I plan to amaze and confound with my new word usage. 😃 Thanks also for the fantastic Capt. Picard pic – that’s a quick share for sure.

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    1. Ha, ha, I do love words also… especially those that have various meanings and changes in usage. I just find that interesting! I knew I couldn’t leave out Star Trek if I was going to write about warp… it was just a must! 🙂
      Thanks for visiting!

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  2. According to my own Webster’s (Yes, I actually still have one – how warped is that?), “warp” derives from the Middle English word “warpen,” which meant “to throw.” As in, to throw (from).

    Thus, warping is a two-part action, requiring not just the diversion, but also the “normality” from which it was tossed. Therefore, the duality contains also the vague hope, it seems, the warping only is a temporary aberration.

    Think about it. When Kirk leapt to warp speed, he wasn’t darting about wildly for an eternity, but he soon returned to…well, whatever the starship’s usual cruising speed is.

    Oh and how warped (as in weird) is this? My Webster’s is a beast – 2,500 pages making nearly six inches of book – yet when your post drove me to look up “warp,” I opened the dictionary to the EXACT PAGE! In fact, “warp” even made up that particular page heading. Thus, your writing inspired a warping of my own luck.

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    1. Ok, so perhaps this explains the definition in the “enlightening” video… to cast or throw… I thought maybe it was the wrong definition but I can see now how it’s related and also related to moor.

      So wonderful to know someone who’s more of a word nerd than me… no offense… I mean that as a compliment! And by the way that dictionary sounds awesome!!!! I used to have a lot of that kind of stuff before my “nomadic” years.

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      1. “(N)o offense,” JoAnn? Why should there be? Words not only sustain us, but they give life some of its pizzazz. One professor of the science acknowledging another is an aspiration, not a slight!

        You’re right about the Webster’s – it’s majorly cool. I got it as a present on, I think, my 15th birthday. It saw me through high school, university, and the years after. It’s crossed state lines with me twice in my wanderings.

        Though much reading nowadays is stolen from tablets or drawn from computer screens, the dictionary remains a comforting reminder of a delightful age when books were, well, books. As well as being weighty enough to add a little more wobble to our planet’s rotation.

        Is there anything of similar substance – be it physical heft, or emotional – you’ve kept, nonetheless, despite your recent mobility?

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        1. That dictionary has served you well. You often use words that I haven’t heard in a while or, more rarely, that I never encountered before. Like pizzazz… while it’s not new to me, it’s still a word that doesn’t get used near enough!

          I’ve kept photos and memories. I try to focus on the future these days. Looking back is scary!

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    1. Yes, and as much as I hate to hurt a robot’s feelings I just found the video really creepy! Plus, I don’t think the definition is correct or at least I couldn’t find that definition in any of dictionaries I consulted. Hmmm??

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