Wildflower Wednesday: Lively Lantana in the Florida “winter”

The wind blew as wild as these lovely lantana flowers grow on the day I attempted to snap these photos. When something catches a photography lover’s eye relatively little will stop that person from trying to steal a capture.

Friendship Friday: Anxiety and disorientation

How many of you have felt like this... feelings of anxiety and uncertainty get so overwhelming that you start to feel a sense of disorientation and confusion.

Moody Monday: Scatterbrained. Adjusting focus

So many thoughts have been rattling around in my mind... looking for some kind of archor or spark. I know why this is so. There are big decisions I need to make.

Moody Monday: On the topic of medication

Finding the right medication to treat mental health disorders can make a colossal difference for a lot of people, as it did for me. And like a lot of people, I've tried several different kinds. BPD does not have a magic pill associated with it, unfortunately, but antidepressants can still be helpful.