Moody Monday: Scatterbrained. Adjusting focus

I can be happy for the world, for people, animals and nature, even though I myself may not be happy at the moment. So many thoughts have been rattling around in my mind… looking for some sort of anchor or spark.

I know why this is so. There are big decisions I need to make. Once so dangerously impulsive, I’ve settled into a place where I feel too much comfort in keeping things the same.

Not so bad… unless there are important changes that need to be made. I’m at an impasse but I’m hesitating to do anything about it…. as I must.

I try very hard these days not to use my own personal problems to strike out against the world. A lot of bad things have happened in my life, and continue to happen, but bad things happen to a lot of people, all the time every day. I’m not so special. It’s not my fault, but it’s not the fault of everyone else either. One or two people maybe, but not all.

Accepting this to be true, I can generally feel happy for others most of time no matter what I’m going through myself. Doesn’t mean I’m going to let anyone take advantage of me. I’m human but I’m not a saint or a martyr.

Here’s an exercise to try:

Do something good for someone, no matter how small, but don’t expect anything in return.

Open a door for someone without expecting a thank you. If they do thank you, great. If not, don’t take to feeling wronged or cheated. Don’t even think about it at all. Open a door for another person.

What else can be done for someone else in this way? How far would you go? How far would I go? Interesting to think about isn’t it?

To be honest, most of my life I’ve tended to be a pretty selfish person. It’s never too late to change though, and I’ve gradually been improving.

Every Monday from now until I get tired of it I will be posting on various mental health topics. That’s a joke. I never get tired of talking about mental health!

Moody Monday mental health topics
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16 thoughts on “Moody Monday: Scatterbrained. Adjusting focus

  1. Wise, JoAnn! The seemingly-minor kindnesses have the greatest effect, as they keep civilization humming. A little here, a little there (times nine billion, or whatever the world population), and progress is irresistible.

    As for you wishing the world well even when you suffer personally, that’s noble. Logical too, when you think about it. When the broader population is happy and is thriving, it doesn’t aggravate our predicament, but mitigates it. A reminder to keep our challenges in perspective. How can we not best this thing when it’s only .00000001% of the world’s burden? Especially when, with the others, we add up to 100%?

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    1. Yes, learning to take ownership of our own problems isn’t always easy but it certainly helps to have great food, as I think you will agree!!

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        1. Hmm, you must have just finished eating some tasty drive-thru fries when you wrote that! 🍟
I personally don’t think French fries get the credit they deserve for boosting the moods of countless people across the globe. 🙂

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          1. Exactly. Thus, how many mood boosters did you and your neighbors contribute over the years?

            Even a continent away, you’re still at it, providing a bag of fries every Wednesday. “Wait, I didn’t order…Well, they smell so good, I can’t help it….Oh yeah, Out-Stand-Ing!”

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  2. I try not to take my ‘mood’ out on others and I’m known for doing nice things for people, like baking cakes and making chocolates for others. I try to be polite but unfortunately, I do expect to be thanked if I hold a door open for someone 😦 Maybe it’s just me lol.

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    1. Yes, I do try also. I don’t always succeed but I have learned the art and power of apologizing. I had to put that to practice recently at work! 😒
      Can’t go wrong with cakes and chocolate! 😋

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  3. “Only true intimate climatic true love
    brings the heart, mind, body, and soul
    to defeat all problems in your life during all stages of your life.”
    _-Van Prince

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