Friendship Friday: Anxiety and disorientation

How many of you have felt like this… feelings of anxiety and uncertainty get so overwhelming that you start to feel a sense of disorientation and confusion.

Been doing what I can to get a handle on it… journaling, meditating via mindfulness, trying to relax my mind and think. Can one think and relax the mind at the same time? Been thinking that I’m thinking too much so trying to cut down on that…

When I am thinking though, I’m reading stuff in a similar vein to the links I included below. I found these helpful and interesting and you may, too.

Been taking some time off from blogging to deal with some problems and related stress. I have little doubt that I will see myself out of it, as I always do… need to refocus and find the ground.

Hope everyone is doing well. Will be catching up with you all soon!

Anxiety, depression and disorientation
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20 thoughts on “Friendship Friday: Anxiety and disorientation

  1. It may come across as trite, but I’ll continue to pray for you, JoAnn. In all kinds of inner weather, there is always a hand to help you even if it’s your own. Your transparency is valuable and appreciated, for it’s through our weaknesses that we find a bond that strengthens us.

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    1. That is true. I used to make the mistake of thinking I had to be strong all the time and as perfect as possible… I guess a lot of people do, especially when young. Learning to embrace imperfection certainly relieves a lot of pressure and stress. Thank you for the prayers… always a good thing and always welcome!

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  2. “Can one think and relax the mind at the same time?”

    Sure, JoAnn. Indeed, it’s crucial to overcoming our challenges. You figure, our minds are “on” all the time, and ceding the field to chaos only lets the whirlwind gather strength.

    However, when we step into the storm, our presence imposes order. Things no longer remain unfocused.

    Of course, getting from “A” to “B” always is a challenge, but that’s why we’re here. To help each other manage the journey.

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  3. I think this “listen to your senses” is a great idea, sounds like a dream cure concept. The here and now, yes, it is the best to live in it. If we really could make that happen, we might actually not have so many anxieties. But I find it very difficult to stop or redirect my thoughts from past and future. It is a permanent struggle.
    I wish you all the best and success with lifting yourself out of it. ❤

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    1. You’re right that it’s a permanent struggle. To a certain extent it’s most likely impossible to not think of the past or the future at all. That’s just how the brain is wired. Practicing being in the present is a great exercise though… trains the mind not to dwell on the past or future to an overwhelming extent. I am feeling much better now! Thanks so much for the well-wishes!!

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  4. Yes that has happened to me in the past, my struggles are with intrusive thoughts but I absolutely know what its like to be exhausted from anxiety to the point of disorientation. Its like forgetting where you parked your car, its not just that you cant find it but you start to feel ashamed that you forgot and it snowballs.

    The cure? I dont know I wish I did I would tell you in a heart beat. I just try and get as much sleep as possible when I having issues. Hope you feel better soon.

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    1. Yes, extra sleep is helpful. I’m feeling better now. I guess one just has to ride the wave and do their best not to lose balance. I’ve had this happen many times before and I’m sure it will happen again sometime. Luckily not too often though. Thank you for your comment and the ecouragement. I really appreciate it!


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