Warmhearted Wednesday: Best Pinterest pins

I have over 1,600 pins saved on Pinterest. I suppose you could say I’m a fan of the platform. Pretty good for someone who initially thought Pinterest was a completely ridiculous waste of time… ridiculously addictive it became, said Yoda..

Please enjoy some of my favorite pins. I’ve been working on some nice new Moody Monday posts but my time and energy has been getting depleted by “real world” problems. Hopefully I will be able to finish them up soon.

Have a wonderful, warmhearted Wednesday. Feel free to comment with a link to one or two of your own favorite pins. I included a few from my good friend Adora over at AdorifyMe.com.


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26 thoughts on “Warmhearted Wednesday: Best Pinterest pins

  1. What a fantastic and eclectic look into things that draw your eye and heart. I loved the “little garden in Portland.” When we can travel again, Elk Rock Garden will have to be on my list. I thought about sharing a shameless self-promotion pin, but I started Pinterest with fairies, so I’m adding a link to one of them, instead. https://pin.it/5YMHfJc

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    1. Most definitely… Elk Rock Garden sounds beautiful and magical. I haven’t been there myself either but maybe one of these days. I love the pin you shared… love that kind of stuff! Thanks for visiting!!

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  2. Red is such an inspiring color. Well, so is yellow and purple and pink and chocolate brown and…so much yummy foods!!! Not being a pinning fan, I’ll just follow you when you share them here! (note: yellow is more cheering than inspiring!)

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    1. I agree when it comes to red but then it is my favorite color. I love color in general although I suppose most people do. Pinterest isn’t for everyone… maybe I like it because I’ve always been a big dreamer. I always have lots of good ideas that I don’t actually act on. Possibilities is what Pinterest is all about.

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      1. so enjoy color. Just spent quite a bit on getting a couple of aged bits of huge furniture fixed and reupholstered in dark green-the color they started out as. Because sitting on those always reminded me of perching on a mossy bank.

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    1. Thank you! That’s why I love posting these from time to time… sometimes you just have to overload the senses with lots of loveliness… gets me out a funk and I’m sure it’s the same for others! Thanks for visiting!


  3. What a collection, JoAnn. These pictures and quotes are eclectic, inspiring. As they reflect your soul, they speak of a vibrant and yearning personality

    Naturally, the food photos capture the (well, my, at least) attention first, but the non-edibles are luscious too. Well-chosen; I like how you think!

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    1. Thank you so much my dear friend!

      Ah yes, the food… I’m getting hungry now just thinking about it. Was shocked recently though to realize I’ve gained 10 pounds sometime in the last few months. I suppose I’ve been overdoing it a bit! Moderation is required but what a drag that is to think about!

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      1. Ah yes, moderation – it simultaneously weights upon, and gives hope to, our advancing years. Maybe we can’t enjoy the consequence-free fun we once did, but if we approach life with creativity, there still is plenty of joy everywhere.

        You should’ve seen (and tasted!) my indulgences at nineteen, all with nary an ounce to speak for them. Try that nowadays, and I better have a dash-good cardiologist on speed-dial. (Good Lord, I’m not nearly as old as that last reference would suggest!)

        What’s a lifelong foodie to do? Innovate and experiment. And yes, savor. Still savor.

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  4. Hi JoAnn! I am so glad you decided to share these amazing pins with us! So many of these are breathtaking. Like you, I enjoy some well-done photography. Just like reading can do, photography can take us to places and journies without leaving our own home. Fascinating, isn’t it?

    I’m a big sucker for nature so that tree with the brightly colored leaves was stunning. Then again, I’m just as big of a sucker for our four-legged kiddos which means I adored those kitties! 😻 “Stay close to people who feel like sunshine,” — all I can say is AMEN! We can be someone else’s sunshine too!

    Sending my love your way. I hope your heart and mind find rest from all you’re going through. ♥

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    1. Hello Holly, Thank you so much for your kind words and your well-wishes! I really appreciate it! Sorry for my delayed response.

      I’m so glad that we have so many wonderful things in life to bring us joy… photography, nature, great quotes… and yes cats… they are such fun little characters. All this makes it nearly impossible to stay down for too long!

      I completely agree, it’s all just fascinating! All the best, JoAnn

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