Friendship Friday: Animal blogs, Broken Horses and Waffy Cubes

On this Friendship Friday, I’d like to take a moment to pay homage to all the animal bloggers and vloggers out there and of course all the humans who assist them in their endeavors. Not sure if you know this but animals cannot type. Landing on a keyboard by accident or leaping onto it to get a human’s attention back where it belongs (on them, duh) doesn’t count. They also cannot opperate a camera or use the internet.

You may be tempted to ask: Well, what do they do then?

Simple said, they are the stars…. not as easy as it looks I’m sure. While their respective humans get stuck doing all of the menial behind-the-scenes tasks, the pressure to be silly and funny and come up with all kinds of shenanigans can’t be underestimated. One must have respect for the efforts being made.

Seriously though, I have so much love for all of the animals out in the blogosphere. They are such great mood boosters. (I must admit I’m a bit partial to cats.)

I listed just a few animal blogs and vlogs at the end of this post… so many wonderful ones exists that I feel kinda crummy about picking just a few but I’m only one woman and I can only do so much. : Strawberry Cheesecake Wafers - Waffy Cubes : Grocery & Gourmet  Food

Before that I did want to mention just a couple other things. I was a bit hesitant to bring it up but what the heck. I can do this…

I’ve developed a strange addiction to something called Waffy Cubes and all it’s wafer cube relatives—delectable, bite-sized, cream filled wafers, so sweet and delightful, so light and soft but with a nice little crunch that’s uniquely satisfying. A cube can be eaten all at once, it can be gnawed at slowly or it can be eaten Kit-Kat style, picking off one crisp layer after another.

Therein a problem arises as they are so small and seemingly harmless but amazingly popable…. it can be difficult to stop! The worst thing though: the price is only $1 at the dollar store.

So, I’ve been working diligently to try and get a handle on this Waffy Cube obsession. Stay tuned for updates.

Broken Horses by Brandi Carlile: 9780593237243 |  Books

On a more positive note, I’ve begun reading again. I’ve always been a voracious reader but somehow I’ve gotten out of the habit the last year or two.

I’m starting with Brandi Carlile’s new memoir Broken Horses. I’ve long been a fan of her music… ever since I heard this song on YouTube: Brandi Carlile – The Story. Looking forward to delving into it.

Have a swell Friday!

Just a few awesome animal blogs and vlogs.


Peace With My Life

Catwoods Porch Party

Paw Meow (YouTube)

Viral Paws (YouTube)

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29 thoughts on “Friendship Friday: Animal blogs, Broken Horses and Waffy Cubes

    1. I’m doing ok with that. I was getting slightly addicted to something called Turtle Minis, which I ended up writing about after this post… caramel, pecans and chocolate, yum! Still reading yes and doing well. Hope you are too!

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  1. Hear that, JoAnn? That’s my universe, expanding. Now that I know Waffy Cubes exist, though, I’m on a quest.

    My favorite strategy for, well, favorites? Let the object dissolve slowly in the mouth, thus giving each layer of flavor a depth and a sophistication. Plus, there’s the delicious anticipation of when the taste and texture will change next.

    Easily entertained, I suppose, but if that’s what it takes…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yet a fourth way to enjoy! Thank you for the tip…. and for encouraging my further addiction! Ha ha! It really could be worse though. Relatively speaking, it’s much healthy than being addicted to meth or crack… that’s my rationale!

      Glad that I could expand your universe with increased knowledge of dollar store products. My objective has been achieved! 😃🤣


  2. Happy to see you’re highlighting our furry friends, JoAnn! Don’t forget Molly The Catholic Canine @! Hope you’re right as rain and shine!

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  3. Am now afraid to find those cubes. They look perfect!! It is amazing how easy it is to snack on something when you are doing something like reading. Just not fair!! And cats are by far my most favorite creature ever. There is a quote somewhere, probably online if I looked long enough! It talks about how an author looked at a cat and said something about a book of zen and that the cat looked like he’d read it, the cat replies, “I wrote it”. OK, that is a terrible retelling, but am hoping you get the idea!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha, that sounds funny! Cats are just awesome.
      No, do not find the cubes. I’m going to be good and not buy them… at least for a while… that’s the best thing to do… just to be good and not buy them in the first place! 🙄

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t get to dollar stores often. Usually, when I do, I can’t find what I want and end up getting a snack to make me feel better. Since those don’t look like they’d melt, they may be perfect. Although, NOT getting them would be even more perfect!

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        1. They do not melt which is indeed an advantage especially if you live in a hot climate… Florida is getting real hot right now! I’m sure it’s not as bad where you are. We have quite a few dollar stores here within driving distance which does make it a little tough. On the bright side only paying a dollar relieves guilt from overspending!

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  4. I had developed the habit of constantly eating Worther’s hard candy. I had to do an intervention on myself and stop cold like one would quick smoking. Its been 21 days without one. I’ve actually tried to cut back on sugar n general and feel much better for the effort.

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    1. I find sugary things to be very addictive! Like you I really have to be careful and watch how much I eat. Worther’s are awesome but yes very addictive. There’s something about small candies like that that are especially dangerous… they seem so tiny and harmless but before ya know it you’ve eaten a whole bunch! 😋😆

      Liked by 1 person

      1. In truth, sugar is addictive. It sets off the same receptacles in the brain that release that “feel good” response. Our brain rewards our body which gives us a greater craving for more. I originally bought the Worther’s so that I wouldn’t get that dry mouth feeling which for me leads to coughing. It grew from there. And don’t even get me started on Hershey’s Kisses.

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        1. I can relate… I really don’t need encouragement to eat as I have absolutely no problem with it but my significant other is a feeder also. It takes willpower and resolve to combat it sometimes! 😆

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    1. You’re welcome dear. So appreciative of all the kitty cats out here in the blogosphere! They bring such joy! Hope you’re doing well!! Keep up the good work 🙂🐈


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