Just another manic Monday… need funny stuff!

The last few weeks have been obscenely busy and crazy. Been feeling quite exhausted which means less time for blogging. I’ve been trying to catch up with everything though.

On the bright side, I’m going to be doing some traveling. Wanderlust has long been one of my favorite words and I miss being more nomadic. Learning and exploring are two of my favorite energy boosters. Being stuck in the same place all the time just isn’t me.

Looking forward to posting some travel photos soon. Hopefully I can get some great captures!

Abrupt change of subject, I was reading an old post of mine and… let’s just say it inspired me to make this meme:

Oh well, it happens to the best of us! Most of us indie bloggers don’t have a team of editors. It’s just me, myself and I.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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21 thoughts on “Just another manic Monday… need funny stuff!

  1. I use a spelling/grammar checker. Between that and the native windows spellcheck, I get most of the errors. Not all. Sometimes it takes multiple passes to catch most of them but then when I’m reading, a glaring one will become apparent and I’ll wonder, “How the hell did they miss that?”

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    1. Yeah when I edit stuff I spend more time reading my blog post 10 times in a row slowly than I actually took to write it. Lol. Sometimes I look back at stuff I wrote years ago and think I was way smarter then than I am now. Then other times, I am like, wow that was dumb.

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      1. Yes, the worst is when I read a post from a year or two ago and it sounds so dumb that I can’t even believe I ever posted it. Oh well. Gives a person thick skin I suppose.

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  2. Ah yes, that is true, and funny. Great now that the world is opening up again, time to have a change of scene. Thanks for checking out a recent post, glad you enjoyed it. Computers can be soo frustrating, especially Windows laptops !

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  3. Travel, JoAnn? Can’t hardly wait! Looking forward to your snaps, and also to the dreams they’ll inspire of my own trip, summer 2023. Delayed three years, but not denied. Never!

    Funny memes, by the way! I think that’s 2020 looking over Marty’s right shoulder. “Bah, they’re on to me! I’ll just make everyone else suffer more to make up for it, then. Some day, McFly. Some day!”

    Oh, I most definitely can relate to typos. Imagine my chagrin to glance at an earlier post and to discover I had mistyped “bulgur.” Seriously. Do I even know what “bulgur” is? Apparently not.

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    1. Ha ha, it makes it so much worse when it’s an obvious mistake… like if it was so obvious why did I miss it!

      Slowly getting back to normal does feel good… then again my life has never been normal but at least the COVID craziness is diminishing! The McFly meme is just so appropriate for 2020 🙂


  4. syntax and spelling are my bugbears…at least when it comes to writing!! I find bobbles all the time in my posts. Drives me bonkers. Looking forward to what you find out and about in the world! Have fun and know you are being thought of!

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    1. Yes of course. I’ve come to forgive a lot of imperfections when it comes to someone’s personal blog. I don’t think people want them to be all perfect and starchy like a regular publication.


    1. Yeah, I try not to get too frustrated about it. People forgive you for little typos I think except when it starts to become a lot of typos, especially in the first sentence or two 🙃

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