Friendship Friday: Salutations, appreciations and Turtle minis

You people are all so awesome. I ended up having a Moody Wednesday this week instead of a Moody Monday. I was feeling rather crummy but then I read all the nice comments people made about my silly Chickens at the Library post and then went to visit a lot of your blogs and caught up with all the cool things happening outside of my own little “aura of narcissism.”

It made me feel so much better so I thank you all for that.

A few weeks ago I posted about having a minor addiction to Waffy Cubes. I have good news and bad news about that. I’ve gotten control of my Waffy Cube obsession but now I’ve moved on to Turtle Minis. Caramel and pecans wrapped in a generous shell of heavenly chocolate. They are more expensive. The Waffy Cubes were only $1 at Dollar Tree but these are $3 dollars at Dollar General. Thus, I might’ve made things worse but at least I can say that the pecans are healthy… I’m such a total sucker for small tasty popable food. I sometimes have trouble with the cheesy Ritz bits, too.

I haven’t been obsessed with coconuts lately either although I still love coconut very much.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Friday. Please don’t stop posting about all of your shenanigans. It really brightens my day!

Turtles minis. So delicious and dangerous.
Photo taken by me
Photo by Laker on

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13 thoughts on “Friendship Friday: Salutations, appreciations and Turtle minis

  1. Those turtle …things sound divine, JoAnn! Obsession-worthy to the max.

    A couple years ago a blog entry featured turtle brownies, and they were every bit as luscious as are the candy.

    Actually, it was just an attempt to replicate the Duncan-Hines (I think it was) turtle brownie mix that had been discontinued. Oh, the pages I could fill with Lost Food Loves, things which brought on major cravings, then promptly disappeared.

    The first one – just off the top of my head – was a Baskin-Robbins hard candy that tasted just like their Mint-Chocolate Chip ice cream. OMG!, then suddenly…Poof! Gone!

    Yeah, JoAnn, I’m pretty bitter about it. Still am, years later!

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    1. I feel your pain as I do love mint chocolate chip ice cream. There used to be some excellent snacks when I was a kid called pizza puffs (must have been late 70s/early 80s). I kinda remember them being shaped like an ear or something. I used to love those things but I haven’t been able to find any sign of those same ones anywhere on the internet or anything.

      By the way, did you ever make turtle brownies with a waffle iron? I remember that distinctly from childhood as well. They were pretty good actually. When it came to movie night though we always wanted magic cookie bars and my dad’s popcorn which he made with a pan filled with oil. I guess that’s what they call kettle corn now.

      Is food better when your a kid??? Not sure.

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      1. Nope, never tried turtle brownies in a waffle iron. Mainly, because I don’t have a waffle iron. Still, JoAnn, you just ignited curiosity’s fire!

        You’re on to something about food tasting better when we were but wee sprouts. That probably has much to do with the unbridled joy of tasting things for the first time ever. Assuredly, a most vividly-Technicolor experience. Unencumbered, too, by all the experiences and expectations that drag on our grown-up tastes.

        Not that you asked, but I’m going to tell you anyway, some of the (commercial) products I miss the most:

        – La Choy (could be) “Restaurant-Style” Egg Rolls. In particular, one that was filled with sweet-and-sour chicken and veggies. Two, three, four, five… cuts above anything offered today, both in the portion’s generosity and, much more vital, in its quality. Just divine!

        – Ocean Spray Muana La’i Guava and Passion Fruit cocktails. Both varieties were awesome.

        – Drumstix crackers (shaped like little chicken drumsticks – remember them?)

        – “After Eight” mints. Like York patties, but square, much thinner, and oh-so-much-more exquisitely textured

        – Nabisco (?) Fruit Bars. Like a Fruit Roll-Up, but smaller, rectangular and much thicker. Their “Tropical Fruit” variety was just…Wowzer!


  2. The turtle minis sound even better than the waffy cubes!

    I discovered a new icecream yesterday. And in Denmark icecream is with cream, no nonsense with light milk or such. It is made from ecological cream from Jersey cows (more proteins, so very healthy indeed 😉 ) and with black currents. And then there are streaks of black current sirup inside the icecream. To swoon over …

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