Moody Monday: Do bloggers tend to be introverts?

Is it safe to say that most bloggers have a tendency to be introverts? I don’t usually think of myself as an introvert but maybe I am. I love people, I’m just terrible at socialization… is that an oxymoron?

Here’s another question: Can you be introverted IRL and then be extroverted when online? Does it matter? Should it matter? Maybe in this day and age it’s just becoming more common to have more friends online. Or maybe that’s just me being an idiot. Maybe I’m just a neurotic shithead.

Then again, maybe I just haven’t tried hard enough to surround myself with like-minded people IRL. Everyone has to find their tribe, right? Folks who share the same interests and what not.

I don’t know anyone IRL who blogs or even writes… well now, that’s not entirely true. I earned an English degree and technically I know those people but I never really felt like I fit in with any of them… they always seemed so pretentious and judgmental. I always thought it was me until I was talking to my therapist one day, whose office was also on campus. He shook his head with decided fervor:

“No, it’s not just you, trust me.”

He didn’t elaborate but from that statement I surmised that he had seen plenty of people from the English Dept. on his couch. Oddly, it made me feel better.

So, not sure about this blogger/introvert connection. Perhaps I’m overthinking the whole thing entirely, which brings me back to the neurotic shithead conclusion. That, I believe, is a definite!

Hope everyone has a great Moody Monday!

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28 thoughts on “Moody Monday: Do bloggers tend to be introverts?

  1. While blogging is not limited to introverts, most bloggers tend to be introverts.

    I am an introvert who blogs. I dread constantly talking to strangers. I mean once I get to know you, you can find me chatting all day. But to walk up to a stranger out of the blue, and start talking. I’m going to freeze.

    Introverts are people who prefer not to talk socially or attend large gatherings. Blogging is done mostly at home, away from the constant talk, being able to just do you own thing. So this the perfect space for bloggers to just be themselves.

    Now, that I think of it, most bloggers that I know are actually introverts.

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    1. I’m the same way. Something interesting that as happened lately though is that once I finally was able to be comfortable and accept that I was an introvert it became a lot easier for me to talk to other people. I wouldn’t exactly call myself an extrovert but I’m doing a lot better with being social these days. Thanks for visiting and commenting!


  2. I definitely agree, most bloggers might be introvert must not the ones who have a technical or information sort of blogsite. The lifestyle bloggers or just freestyle bloggers might be introverted because they are here to share their thoughts and views that they can’t share outside. I personally am awkward in social situations, who to talk to, and what do you talk about anyways? It just seems weird!

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    1. Yes, I too have the problem of feeling awkward and not always feeling brave enough to approach people I don’t know well. Some people are so good at it and make it look so easy! I have to admit I’m a bit envious. Thanks for the comment!

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  3. I’m an introvert & I do find it easier to write a blog post than I would to talk to someone I didn’t know in person. I love being around people but only in small groups of people I know, otherwise I get so drained.

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  4. Honestly, I think anyone who has a tendency to write or even enjoys writing tend to be more introverted.
    I consider myself ambivert, as in I sometimes exhibit both introverted and extroverted behaviours. It honestly just comes down to who I’m with and who I’m talking to. Likewise, I only know of a tiny handful of people who also blog, and they also seem to be introverted than most🙃

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    1. I suppose even if a person is an introvert they still want to reach out to people and blogging is a safe way to do that. I think I’m becoming more or an ambivert as I get older. Thanks for the comment!

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  5. I think there is definitely a connection between being a blogger and an introvert. Maybe it’s just me because I’m both a blogger and introvert and I don’t know any different, but it would be nice if someone could prove me wrong.

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  6. You know, JoAnn, I think “introvert v. extrovert” doesn’t quite address the issue. Or rather, it falls wide of the real distinction, which is that that we (bloggers) tend to be much more contemplative.

    As such, words and the charm they exert are serious business for us. Indeed, they are our business. We spend hours – days? weeks? years? – dreaming the perfect turn of phrase. The internet gives this dynamic just the room it needs to breathe.

    “Real life” (though what, pray tell, isn’t “real” about this exchange we’re having?) seems to require instance. Snap-snap-snap – automatic, sparkling wit! Wow, we are so out of our league here, in the off-line world, right?

    Maybe not, Extroverts are just like us. In “live” situations they also tend to stumble and to mumble, to slur and to stutter. To craft a brilliantly devastating reply in the car on the way home. (“Well, the jerk store called, and they’re all out of you!”)

    The difference is, extroverts just don’t care. One giant “Whatever.”

    So yes, we do think more deeply, though I also will allow we’re not as confident, either.

    However…however! That second part becomes less pronounced the more adept we become at great conversations. Such as this one.

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    1. You’ve hit the nail on the head, repeatedly. Who needs a hammer? Contemplative, yes. Obsessed with words, yes, at least for me. Having the audacity to care, yes, no matter how much I try not to. Confidence, meh, that definitely comes and goes, at least with me. Self-conscious, meh, yeah that’s pretty true, too. Deep thinking, great conversations, yes and I’m so glad for it!

      Thank you so much for pointing out all these wonderful qualities and hey, no one can ever be perfect, right? A bit of a confidence problem… yeah kinda sucks but it’s better than having cancer or something! Makes me feel tremendously better, thank you!

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      1. Thanks, JoAnn for your thoughtful response, despite my going on (and on) so.

        A question arose just now – are we thoughtful because we’re self-aware, or vice-versa? How about both? A real “chicken or egg” baffler. (Or perhaps, “coconut or palm tree?”)

        The secret is, to ditch the “self-aware” part while expanding our share of “thoughtful.” Lord knows. thanks to sites like yours, we’re trying.

        And succeeding too, by God!

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  7. IRL people are hard to understand. Communication takes a lot of time, most people IRL don’t want to do that. They ‘say’ they do, but unless it is fast, they often have a lot more to do. And, honestly, people IRL are scary! I used to be a vivacious, outgoing gal. Then, we moved to a town where I’d not grown up and my world became my yard and house and social media. Then, I ended up in AK, taking care of my mom. I absolutely had to talk to someone and the FB world was too judgemental. So, I started writing online and found some of the greatest people. One is a friend I share emails and texts and letters with, others are random text and email and occasional snail mail friends, and most are people who sincerely appear to care. And they are much easier to talk to, they are not checking their watches to see if there is time before they pick up someone or something, they are not trying to hide yawns, they are not getting ready to give advice, and they seem to be people who smile with their words. You are a word smiler!!!

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    1. A word smiler. I love that! Thank you!

      I also find people hard to understand IRL. I feel like I’m always misjudging what to say and how to say it as people react in ways that I just do not get. I always thought it was me but maybe not as you’ve pointed out a lot of reasons why not. I’m so glad that the blogging world is the unique place that it is and that we can fully express ourselves and just be who we are. People who sincerely care… you said it so right! And I’m SO glad it’s not FB! People get exhausted from social media because it gets to be so one-sided. Everything is so wonderful! It’s just completely unrealistic.

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  8. Please don’t call yourself a neurotic shithead, please, you don’t deserve that!

    Reading the comments, I started to overthink … maybe … being with other people drains me of energy, does that mean I am an introvert? On the other hand I get into contact with people easily IRL (in the real world?), if I want to. That would be more extrovert, right?

    To write about what is going on inside oneself to complete strangers, would that not take a bit of extroversion?

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    1. As Fred pointed out in an earlier comment there is a term called ambivert which means a combination of both. I did not know that term so glad he pointed it out. I suppose most of us tend to be this way and I’m sure it’s much more healthy than to be one extreme or the other. Makes me feel better as perhaps I am more normal than I think!

      I’ve heard from a lot of bloggers now that their energy seems to get drained by people IRL. I find that rather fascinating. Will have to think on that more… why do we tend to get so drained by people IRL? (Yes, in real life.)

      Also, the neurotic shithead term was really just a product of terribly acerbic American humor. Sorry about that!

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      1. “Makes me feel better as perhaps I am more normal than I think!” I am sure you are!

        I get most drained when there are people who insist in discussing = trying to make me change my opinion to their’s and won’t stop until they succeed. Maybe people who are not so dominating get most drained.

        I was sure you did not really mean the shithead thing, but if we get into the habit to call ourselves names all the time (I do too sometimes) it has an effect. Words are energy.

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  9. I am a blogger and most definitely an introvert. Social distancing was no problem for me during the pandemic! But I do tend to be more extroverted online. Probably has something to do with not being able to see other people, one can still retain a certain degree of anonymity online.

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    1. Ha ha, social distancing wasn’t a problem for me either. And yes I think the anonymity is a great help. I just recalled reading something about how online you don’t have the worry about how people are judging you by looks alone. I definitely think there’s a lot to that.

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  10. I’m a blogger and I’m an introvert. Others don’t often realize that I’m so introverted since I can be “on” when with friends. It’s about energy, though. Being around people depletes me whereas my dad, an extrovert, gaines energy by being with people.

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  11. I think most bloggers are introverts. You can usually tell by their posts. Writing a post is by its nature a solitary activity. Long detailed posts require long periods of solitude. When extroverts post it is usually about things they did with other people. Introverts post about what happens inside of them.

    I wish I were an ambivert. But since they seem to have advantages over strict intro or extro- version and I lack those advantages, I’m obviously not one.

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    1. Interesting article. Thanks for sharing… not sure I’ve heard that term before or at least I don’t remember it. Don’t know if I totally buy what the article says about not being able to change. I think I’m a lot more extroverted now than I used to be, especially online. I’ve had to work at it though so I wouldn’t say it’s easy to change.

      Maybe you are a lot more toward the middle than you think, after all it does take a fair amount of extroversion to advocate for your particular lifestyle. 🙂

      By the way ambivert is a great word but ambiversion is an awesome word. I gotta add that to my “cool words” file.

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