Not in America anymore, Toto

Finally, I was able to get out of Orlando for a while. Monday prior I left America for Trinidad and Tobago. Locals here simply refer to it as TT or sometimes Trinbago.

Let me tell you, this is a horrible and most wretched county to travel to! Just stop if you’re planning to come here. Head to The Bahamas instead.

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Arrival in TT – Port of Spain – JoAnn Ryan

Still with me? Cool. Was hoping to get rid of some of the riff raff.

It’s not a terrible and wretched county at all, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it, but it certainly isn’t America. I wouldn’t want it to be either. Who wants to leave America and have it be just like America? That’s just dumb.

I remember a trip I took to Cancun once many, many years ago now. The resort we stayed at had several restaurants but they all served American food! I remember thinking: Why would I want to travel all the way to Cancun, Mexico only to eat American food? Lame-o! For local food we had to travel into the city, which we did.

Back to here and now. I’m not staying at one of the fancy-schmancy resorts either. My fiancé, who was raised in New York but born and spent significant time in Trinidad, inherited a house from his late mother. So, I’m here to check things out. Will see how things go.

Maxi bus transportation – Trinidad – JoAnn Ryan

Above is one of the minibuses the locals here call Maxis. The colors of the buses are significant and signify different routes in and around Port of Spain. Red is the Arima line. Here’s what the inside looks like…

Minibus transportation – Trinidad – JoAnn Ryan

More to come on all that.

I’m still in the process of brainstorming a new name for this blog. I’ve come up with a zillion possibles but I’m just holding back and letting them stew in my head for a while, plus I come up with new ones every day. I want something that evokes ‘diary’ or ‘journal’ and personal journies.

One exceptionally bright side to everything is that I’m no longer working my American slave job anymore, which hopefully means I will have time for more enjoyable endeavors, like blogging. On the not-so-bright side I’m having pesky health problems and will most likely need some surgery soon. There’s always something untoward to deal with isn’t there?

Hope everyone is doing well!

23 thoughts on “Not in America anymore, Toto

  1. I agree, Trinidad is not a horrible and wretched place at all. Just like everywhere else, it has it’s share of madness going on. Like your fiancé I was born and raised in Trinidad and now live in America. I also lived along the Eastern Main Road. Arouca to be exact, close to Five Rivers Junction. So I’ve had my days of ridin’ red band maxis from Port Of Spain to Arouca/Arima on the main road and the bus route. Trinidad is definitely not America and I wish they would stop saying or wishing it was. But, as you will see, Trinidad has become the “America” of the Caribbean because of it’s wealth (or what’s left) and people. People leave every other island and country to settle in Trinidad, just like we do here in America. The people and cultures have become very Americanized due to everyone now being well traveled and of course TV. It irks me when I go home to hear people living in Trinidad now have American accents and trying to emulate everything but what’s good about America. Even the stores have their prices in US dollar! So annoying.

    P.S. You sure did get my adrenaline pumping on lines 3 & 4…!!!

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    1. Ha ha, I was kinda worried about starting it off that way. I didn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea but I also didn’t want to say how much I loved it and have everyone start booking tickets, lol. I like things just as they are here.
      America of the Caribbean is right! It really hasn’t been too much of a culture shock for me. My fiancé is from Tunapuna but now lives closer to Arima. I’m finally back and looking forward to seeing more of the country. We are planning some trips central and south. I’ve had a lot of fun trying out the local foods and brands of everything here. I’m really astounded at how much goods Trinidad produces for itself.
      So sorry for my delay in getting back to you! I ended up taking quite a bit of time off to travel and see my new grandbaby. Thanks for the comment and nice to meet you!

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      1. Most definitely nice to meet you and congratulations on the grand baby!! But, yeah your intro started off with a bang indeed. My face was made all the way up and my fingers were ready to gave you the third degree – 🤣🤣🤣!!! Then I quickly got the jest and calmed down. 🤦‍♀️ Tunapuna!! All of my family is from Tunapuna. I was raised in Tunapuna – El Dorado Road, Henry Street to be exact. Went to Tunapuna AC School. It’s a small world I might know your fiancé or his family – 🤣 But enjoy sweet sweet T&T! I can’t wait for the stories. Christmas is coming – best time ever to in Trinidad other than carnival time.

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        1. Wow. Small world indeed. You might know each other. His extended family is rather large. Of course I don’t want to name any names here. I know they mostly live north of the cemetery though. As I mentioned, the first week I was here his auntie died who still lived in Tunapuna before that.

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          1. Yeah, I know north of the cemetery – Macoya Gardens – across the bus route area. I have family and friends in Macoya Gardens too. As we say in Trinidad, everybody know everybody! LOL!

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  2. I am sorry to hear about your health concerns, but I am glad you’re now enjoying TT (what a cute nickname)…

    Thanks for sharing your trip… I like how they refer to minibuses as Maxi.

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  3. Alright JoAnn, plenty to absorb, starting with the new layout. I like it! Matches well the fresh start you’re contemplating with the new title, one which you’re enjoying now in your life’s new direction.

    Sorry, though, to read of the potential surgery. It wouldn’t loom, though, if you and your doctors didn’t think it’d bring about another beneficial change. My prayers/thoughts (depending on your preferred level of spirituality) are yours.

    Those seats on the mini look…sticky. Especially in the near-equatorial humidity. Just sayin’….

    Completely agree with you about people who venture forth and refuse to indulge in anything they couldn’t get back home. This applies not only to those who travel internationally, but to the tens of millions who explore this vast country of ours.

    Your sparkling curiosity is unsurprising. given the various places all around you’ve called “home.” Natural for me, too. I mean, what else would a foodie think?

    Anyway, I’m excited here, as it seems we’re about to begin a great journey!

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    1. Thank you my friend. I’ve tried so many new and different foods it’s amazing it’s only been a little over a week since I’ve been here. Will definitely be writing more about that soon.

      We will be getting a car soon as well but until then it’s kinda fun just to be a passenger. Gives a person more time to look at stuff outside the window, lol.

      Been making a lot of blog changes. It’s work but fun work. Hopefully now that I’ve settled in a bit I will have more time for writing.

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      1. Good news, JoAnn, that your narrative just is winding up. In fact, I can picture what your next post will describe. Is that because I’ve seen it already, or because I have magic powers? Hmm?

        Anyway, for my next trick, I’m going to work on my own efforts, likely around Christmastime. My focus, though, will be on Instagram and on Pinterest, with a side-hustle of sprucing up the dinnerware and linens.

        Oh, I like your notion of taking a little more time to enjoy your ridership. A bit longer to take in what otherwise would be a shock. Your time will come soon enough to wade into Trini traffic, in all its chaos (no doubt).

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        1. I was really surprised about Pinterest. When I was really getting into working on social media I got more traffic from Pinterest than all other social media sites combined. That’s another thing I need to start working on again now that I’m getting more time for such things.

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    1. I do hear Calypso music quite a bit, especially from the street vendors. That seems to be their music of choice. Maybe it gets people in the mood to buy, lol. Will have to ask around more about that. I hear American music quite a bit though and a lot of Indian music as well.

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