Essential change and The Sunstone Journal

As you may or may not have noticed this blog has a brand new name and a brand new look. I’m excited about these changes as it helps keep me motivated to write. Change is the spice of life, especially for a fire sign like me. When boredom sets in for an Aries terrible and potentially explosive things can happen. I’ve learned this hard way.

Why change is so important?

Continuous movement, adaptation, and change keeps our minds busy and occupied. The focus may vary whether one engages in gardening, painting, traveling, playing music, or whatever. Looking for new techniques, approaches, methods, paths, explorations, etc.–this is what helps keep us healthy and happy. For instance, when playing the piano if I master a new song I feel great and I look for new songs to master.

Perhaps with age and attaining knowledge we learn how to handle life better by changing, adapting, assimilating, or simply accepting what is. That’s been the case for me anyway. Mentally speaking, I feel stronger than I ever have and that is a great thing!

The Sunstone Journal

I’ve always loved geology and Earth science. I suppose most people do to a certain extent and well it should be one of our greatest loves. The Earth is our abundance–the source of everything tangible. It’s where our food grows as well as the plants and trees that give us oxygen. It’s pretty fascinating really.

Rocks and gemstones are fascinating as well. I was born and raised in “The Gem State” and recall many pleasant afternoons combing through rocks to find interesting and beautiful specimens. I always had the lofty intention of polishing them up and putting them on display or making jewelry out of them but I never ended up having the time to do it. Perhaps now that I’m semi-retired I will have more time for such things.

Why the sunstone?

While brainstorming a new name for this blog one word I kept coming back to was stone. It’s a very pleasant-sounding word and quite underrated so I was coming up with a lot of stone related words like moonstone, sandstone, red stone, etc. I kept coming back to sunstone. What better wordsmash is there than sun and stone?

Sunstone is a rare gemstone and thus far has only been found in a handful of places across the planet. It’s beautiful, as all gems are, and possesses a property known as aventurescence. Basically this means that flashes of light will be produced when either you move the stone around or the light moves. The effect, to me, seems comparable to metallic paint, which also catches the light as movement occurs.

What is Sunstone? from

The meaning behind sunstone

Rocks and crystals are thought to have meaning, symbolism, and healing properties. Whether they project these qualities onto us or we project these qualities onto them (perhaps both) is an interesting question but may matter little as the end result is one and the same.

The sunstone connotes energy, excitement, and positivity. Placing sunstone in your house or wearing jewelry that features the sunstone is a reminder of these things and the energy, excitement, and positivity will travel between it and us constantly. Lovely isn’t it?

“Sunstone reminds you that life is meant for living and enjoying.” –

Sunstone Meaning and Healing Properties from

I’m so happy to be embarking on this new chapter of my life and having you along is just the icing on the cake! Speaking of cake… 😋

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The Sunstone Journal

11 thoughts on “Essential change and The Sunstone Journal

  1. Oregon Sunstones are the most ‘sunstoney’ of them all!!! Adore these gems, spend to mine, the eldest has quite a few and after getting a few cut, isn’t sure where to go next!. Great title and glad to see you out and about!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, sunstoney is a great word. Yes, I have heard that Oregon sunstone is the best. Would love to visit the sunstoney areas of Oregon one of these days. I will be in Idaho next month but don’t think we will have a chance to go as my daughter is having her baby so we will be busy with that.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Good choice, JoAnn! Naturally. The sunstone glistens most brightly when it’s in motion. Expresses your site too, perfectly.

    You’re always dynamic too, exploring, venturing, creating. My, does that catch the eye!

    That’s the way civilization expands and thrives too, through constant change and innovation. You went out a-rock-hunting, and you found a sunstone. You’ve polished it to a high luster, and now it’s on display. Delights the eye, and the mind. What else will you find?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much. You really should write a book one of these days if you haven’t already. You’re a word master!

      Thanks for the lovely compliments. I will definitely be finding more to write about here.


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