A pass through Georgia and visiting the MLK memorial in Atlanta

What makes Georgia (the state) most enjoyable to drive through is the beautiful scenery as well as finding delicious local foods to feast on like pecans and peaches. However, I was a bit disappointed on a recent trip. I stopped at a couple of farmer’s markets only to be informed that it wasn’t peach season!

No peaches? No way! What to do? I simply cannot drive through Georgia and not eat a peach.

Whatever, I will have my peaches! I espied a local Walmart Supercenter and bought three peaches. It’s cheating, I know, and although these peaches weren’t nearly as awesome as the fresh picked ones I’ve had in times prior, they were still delicious and satisfying.

As for the pecans, I stopped at Magnolia Plantation off Interstate 75 in Tifton. I opted to try chocolate covered pecans this time and pecans logs–they were good but believe it or not I actually prefer plain unroasted pecans. I find them just absolutely fabulous. Sometimes plain and simple is the best thing!

I also love the little cedar boxes they sell there. The intoxicating smell alone just makes me want to pass out with joy.

Atlanta, GA – JoAnn Ryan

Briefly stopping in Atlanta and knowing I would only be there a short time, I decided to pick one thing that I really wanted to see or do. I opted for the Martin Luther King, Jr. historical site. It was a great decision hampered only by all the inside stuff being closed because of that dagnabbit nasty beast COVID, once again.

These photos were taken from the infamous “I Have a Dream” World Peace Rose Garden; the plaque explains the significance of the garden.

Atlanta, GA – JoAnn Ryan

This is Ebenezer Baptist Church where MLK, Jr. was co-pastor until his dreadful assassination in 1968.

The tomb of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his wife Coretta Scott King. Even in death, his message of peaceful resistance and improving the plight of humanity lives on through this memorial. He lived such a remarkable life it’s difficult to believe he was only 39 at the time of his death.

There were so many awesome street murals throughout Atlanta. On my next visit hopefully I will have time to take a few photos although I did find several web pages that feature Atlanta street art, like this one: https://streetartmap.org

A frightening reminder that Georgia is still in “The South”

In sharp contrast to the MLK memorial, there’s one town in Georgia I approached via the interstate that welcomed me and other travelers with a gigantic confederate flag at the town city limits. Even as a white person, I ain’t even going to stop there. They might smell my willingness to accept diversified culture on my clothes. Also, I simply choose not to support this town with my patronage.

There were many beautiful orange flowers in bloom throughout my drive through the state (I believe they were cosmos but not certain) plus lots of majestic purple trees and miles of cotton fields that looked like they were ready for picking. I was never in a place to conveniently stop and take photos though. I believe the flowers were cosmos but not at all certain about that.

See the source image

As a final parting thought, I just want to point out that Macon rhymes with bacon. I’m far from being the only one to notice this as there exists a Macon Bacon baseball team.

Hope everyone is doing well! I got some kind of food poisoning yesterday and feeling pretty crappy today. Luckily I had this post nearly completed beforehand. Will catch up soon!

15 thoughts on “A pass through Georgia and visiting the MLK memorial in Atlanta

  1. Well, what can I say, welcome to my second home! I live in Georgia! Came straight from Trinidad to GA, love it here! But shhhhhh!!! don’t tell nobody you liked GA, you should have started this blog just like you started about Trinidad. We’re already crowded here and not accepting any new residents….just kidding. But for real, the traffic is horrible and the drivers are selfish and discourteous here EVERYDAY! Hope you didn’t experience that, but this is a beautiful state with lots to see, do, taste and enjoy! Sorry you didn’t get your peaches at the market and sorry about the flag, believe me I do understand how jarring and creepy they are. Hope you’re feeling better.

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  2. Joanne, wonderful post! It brought back memories of a long-ago visit to Atlanta where my late husband was a speaker at a conference. We spent several days there and saw some of the same sights you describe.

    Your drive through Georgia sounds lovely. I am with you on the pecans. I eat them just about every day in homemade keto fudge and salads and just by themselves.

    Thanks for sharing your trip! All the best! 🙂

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  3. Glad you got your peaches, JoAnn, even if they weren’t quite “roadside!”

    Even with Georgia’s more generous growing season, peaches’ supreme moment has come and gone already, and waits for its return next year.

    Unifying your other theme, that’s what makes our species unique, our ability to dream of a better future, and to work to make it happen.

    Always a better day ahead. That’s what perpetuates civilization, right?

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    1. You are very correct. “Looking on the bright side” is the motto of anyone who has believed in a better tomorrow. I’m sure we are all glad, too, that humanity has refused to give up in the face of adversity and misfortune. We would have ceased to exist a long time ago!

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      1. You said it, JoAnn! Even a one-time, and still occasional, pessimist warms to optimism’s glow. We’re aspirational – that’s how we’re wired – and a sunny disposition optimizes that.

        Oh sure, there are moments…months…lifetimes that suck, but with the overall trajectory in our favor, everything works out in the end. Progress (to be sure, each of us defines it differently) is our shared concern, and each has something to contribute. Do for our descendants what our ancestors did for us.

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  4. Oh, crap … I hope you get better soon! 🙂
    But that must have been an amazing trip. I do love pecan nuts as well … unroasted, they have such a refined taste. I can emphasize with the peach disappointment, there is nothing better than freshly picked, sunripened fruit. They have to pick the peaches way too early to make them transportable.

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    1. I do hope they are on their way out. I’ve been pretty floored the last few years when it became apparent that there were large numbers of such people who are still alive and well. Sometimes I feel like we’ve gotten caught in some kind of time warp and it 1861. 😣

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