Friendship Friday: Yummy curry soup and outlets for photography fanatics

First, yummy soup

Food is fuel. Food is entertainment. Food is happiness. Food is stuffin d’ face and smilin.

I love foodie blogs. Who doesn’t? One of my favorites is The Terrified Amateur. This past weekend I tried out a recipe from his post: “Crunchy Is Better“, a recipe appearing in the October/November 2018 issue of Fine Cooking.

It appealed to me because:

  1. Presumed ease of finding ingredients in Trinidad.
  2. Coconut milk curries are one of my favorite things!
  3. This recipe called for the addition of crunchy peanut butter. Intriguing!
  4. Ease of preparation. (We’re still in the process of amassing kitchen supplies. We have the basics and working at a snail’s pace toward gourmet. Our latest addition is a rice cooker. Oooahhh.)


Indonesian Chicken & Peanut Soup

Even though I’ve had plenty of curry in my lifetime, it’s mostly been prepared by other people. So, this was pretty fun and it turned out to be crazy delicious!

My photo is not nearly as good though. Actually I find it terrible. I was feeling too impatient for unrelated reasons. But, it verifies that I did make it!


  1. I did not even attempt to find shallots. However, the locally grown onions here are pretty tasty and worked great.
  2. I did not attempt to locate the sambal oelek either but I did try a little Trinidad scorpion pepper hot sauce. It was good but I have to say “a little dab will do ya” has never been more appropriately applied than this.
  3. I missed garlic immensely so I added two finely chopped medium-sized cloves toward the end but of course it would have been better to toss it up with the onions and sauté it a bit for maximum flavor. Will do that next time.
  4. When I make it again I plan to use less noodles and add more thinly sliced veggies like carrot or sweet peppers.
  5. My own mistake was sautéing the onions for too long. I knew better. I have been taught that much about curry. Sauté until soft but do not brown them at all! For an Irish-ish kind of cook this was difficult for me at first as those wonderful caramel-colored sautéed onions are one of the hallmarks of great cooking.

All in all, this is the kind of recipe I would make often as it is so incredibly flavorful. I will probably make it again in a few weeks actually. Having gained experience, the next time shall be great, no doubt!


We photography fanatics like to keep a look out for cool outlets to share photos and check out the work of others. There are two publications on Medium that I joined recently that I would highly recommend. The community vibe is pretty awesome.

Six Word Photo Story Challenge

“Snowy Window” Photo by author JoAnn Ryan
Can you tell a story in six words inspired by a photo?
Edited by Mary Chang

I did my first post for this pub a few days ago: “Ten Years and A Snowy Window“. It was pretty fun. Everyone is supportive and interactive and the posts are short so less labor is required as far as writing. I plan to post here often.

I also recently joined Weeds & Wildflowers, Writing, Creating and Growing Together. Edited by Dennett. Looking forward to posting there next week.

Another popular place that I may join some time in the future is SNAPSHOTS.

Don’t have a Medium account yet? Join Medium and have unlimited access to my writing and thousands of other writers on Medium. No pressure to join though. You can still post but with a membership one can at least make a little money!


18 thoughts on “Friendship Friday: Yummy curry soup and outlets for photography fanatics

    1. Yes, I think I became your first follower. 🙂
      There’s some pretty raunchy stuff on Medium sometimes and there are lots of niches so maybe you’ll be able to find a tribe 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Beautiful, JoAnn! In more ways than one.

    In the foremost sense, your culinary skills are superb; your aesthetics and your photography showcase them brilliantly. Care to go professional with your food styling?

    Then, your sense of adventure and derring-do is admirable. Wow, Trinidad Scorpion? (Gulp.) A bold move, but as you know, this concoction hums with coconut milk and with peanut butter. Two ingredients uncommonly effective at soothing the savage.

    Also, major kudos for innovating with what you have on hand. That’s what cookery’s been about for millennia, and it’s what will continue that evolution into the future. As long as creatives such as you keep things effervescent.

    Oh, and thank you so much for the recognition, JoAnn. It does the heart good, and it displays a kindness too rare.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Believe it or not the scorpion pepper sauce is pretty flavorful, it’s not just all heat, but of course it is that also. The Jamaica scotch bonnet pepper sauce we have isn’t nearly as hot but it also isn’t as flavorful. Kinda interesting.

      I always wanted to be one of those people who wrote awesome food pieces in famous magazines. I did publish a few in smaller pubs but it was hard to really break in. At least some of that probably had to do with a lot of social anxiety. Now that I have more time on my hands I will get back into the foodie stuff again. Publishing on my blog is just as fun, although not nearly as lucrative.

      Thanks for all the kudos. I really appreciate it! Glad that we are sharing our culinary adventures. It’s just too fun and delicious!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Unique among our fellow-creatures, human appetites pursue more than mere survival. Our brains provide endless variety, both in terms of dining’s execution, and of its communication.

        As with any endeavor, breaking into the food scene really depends on someone’s connections, on his/her “circle.” Making it big-time has more to do with graduating from the right schools and in socializing with the smart set, than it does with sheer talent.

        Who knows? Could be, the most awesome food stylist in the world lives in suburban Topeka, KS, and doesn’t venture online very often. Or she might live in Trinidad.

        That said, we never should despair, JoAnn! Maybe one of our readers is a Director of Photography for Fine Cooking, or is a Producer for the America’s Test Kitchen TV show.

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        1. Yes! You are very correct about breaking into the food scene. A great school helps immensely I’m sure but not nearly as much as great socialization skills–something I’ve always struggled with.

          Hey, neither of us are 90 yet… or at least I’m not. Judging by our conversations I don’t think your age is too much more different than mine. Our ship may still be on it’s way yet… perhaps it’s stuck at the Panama Canal… which reminds me that I still need to do a post about my layover in Panama City. I found it rather interesting.

          Thanks for the “she might live in Trinidad” bit. That made my day! Kudos for your stellar optimism as well. I find it quite contagious!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. You mean the big-time Panama City, not the location in Florida, correct? Unless you were headed to spring break, I couldn’t imagine an airline routing anyone through the latter. All due respect to people out on the Panhandle, of course.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Ha ha. This may sound surprising for someone living in Florida but I tend to forget completely about the Panama City in Florida. The panhandle could really be its own state. Panama City, in the country of Panama, even though I didn’t get to see too much of it was still pretty interesting.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Yeah, I was quite surprised to see Panama City (FL) as a flight destination. Of course, that airport probably sees 95% of its traffic in March/April.

                As for your Panama City, the layover site, it still is quite a jaunt from there to Trinidad. It has to be at least a three-hour flight, huh?

                Liked by 1 person

                1. Yes. The problem has been that after Trinidad opened its borders the flights coming in were still very few and thus not much to choose from. At first it was mostly just Caribbean Airlines or Copa, which is based in Panama so that is their hub. At least it was an experience! It looks like that is changing now. More airlines seem to be adding flights.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. Thanks for the information, JoAnn. I had no idea air service to Trinidad was so…convoluted. The increased traffic is good news for the Trini economy, but for its culture, maybe not so much. Are you about to be overrun?

                    By the way, I’m not one of those people who curry favor by disdaining Americans. Everybody’s from someplace else, after all. We tourists are lucky enough to have a big ol’ world to explore.

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