Snowy Sunday… Monday

I’m lucky to have spent ten Christmases in a row, before this last one, in a tropical climate, which has long helped in feeling festive during the season. I’m not one to poo poo all over the holiday season, but this time around I’m so glad they are over. I’m still in Idaho dealing with significant problems and I generally find snow and cold pretty depressing, except for when I used to ski.

Everyone here is either anxious or in a sort of confused fog. Most of my extended family members are cool and helpful, but there are a few who love to spread rumors, start drama, and be anything but helpful. I’ve had to ignore or even block a few on certain social media accounts. It’s sad but it’s really the least of my worries–most of that baggage I already dealt with years ago.

Mental health never stops being confusing!

I’m in a very curious situation now–a kind of reversal or shift in juxtaposition–some weird thing. It is me who is healthier and stronger, mentally speaking, but getting caught up in someone else’s mental health nightmare. I can’t even describe how strange it is to be on this side of things when I was once on the other side–looking at a person and having recognition and understanding of what they are going through, but still being thoroughly perplexed at the same time.

It’s almost surreal but perhaps this whole mental health journey is finally coming full circle. Nothing about it is fun. Such, at times, is the reality of life.

The one bright spot has been to visit with my new grandbaby, who is a little over two months old now. He’s just so precious.

I hope everyone is doing well and had a better holiday season than me! Need to catch up with everyone. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately on Medium. Been fitting in pretty well over there–this “fitting in” thing is still kinda new to me but I love it!

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Idaho winter – JoAnn Ryan

13 thoughts on “Snowy Sunday… Monday

  1. Well done, JoAnn, putting aside for the moment the swaying palms to help your daughter. You mentioned taking up the unfamiliar role as the comforter, the caregiver

    Isn’t that progress what this whole civilization thing is about, though? Just as, someday, your daughter will recall this very moment when she’s the one who’s being helpful.

    By the way, you should take some snow back with you to Trinidad. Show them how a real winter does things.

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      1. Hope is central to our existence, isn’t it? It’s what keeps our dreams going and it’s what motivates us to plan for a better tomorrow. It defines us as human beings.

        You’d better believe it’s supercharged, as it’s powered our entire species for how long now? Can’t wait to see what you do with your share, JoAnn!

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  2. When I was a child, we had winters like that. Now we hardly have any snow anymore (I should not jinx it, winter is not over yet …)

    Maybe it is even worse this way around? You know that I had a similar situation with my mother, who was bi-polar. I was not able to help her, it was frustrating and hard to watch. I hope you can help your daughter get out of the present situation. That is my wish for you for the coming time.
    The little guy is very sweet looking … ❤

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    1. Oh Im sorry to hear about your Mother! It is very frustrating and sad. Mental illness is such mystery sometimes. I do hope my daughter pulls out of it. The progress has been slow so far but I hope that changes soon 😕

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