Monday in the tropics… no really!

This will be the last of my cold country pics for a while, thank heavens, as I arrived back in the Caribbean on Monday. Been dealing with a killer sinus infection since Tuesday–all the travel and stress, no doubt. Started to feel better yesterday. No COVID though, so that is grrr…eat!

Two days after leaving in December, the beaches finally opened up here in Trinidad. Crazy, eh? Better late than never, I guess. We are planning to visit soon–just waiting to fully recover.

Idaho winter Snake River – JoAnn Ryan

I’m still floundering a bit with this blog. Should I turn it into a photoblog like these awesome photoblogs: Paul Militaru or Vova Zinger’s Photoblog.

Or perhaps some kind of travel/food blog. I’m already halfway there with that one.

I just don’t know.

Not getting enough of my crappy content? Zoom on over to Medium, where there is much more stinky stuff to enjoy:!

(This is a joke. Please no positive thinking speeches (or any other kind of speeches). Ego-checks and a sense of humor are healthy, too!)

Check out the neato-frito aerial photos I snapped from the plane window while flying over Idaho and Washington state. I had no idea they would come out so awesome! I wish I would haven taken photos when I flew over Panama City back in October–seeing the Panama Canal and the Panama City skyline was just out of this world! Truly amazing!

With all the craziness going on with air travel right now, I ended up having to fly two hours in the wrong direction to catch a connecting flight from Seattle to Orlando. Nothing to do but accept it and enjoy the ride. On the bright side, I got to see the Seattle airport for the first time plus fly over over some pretty fascinating terrain.

Hope everyone is doing well. Looking forward to catching up!


18 thoughts on “Monday in the tropics… no really!

  1. The photos taken from the plane are amazing! How good you are back in the warmth, your sinuses will thank you!
    As far as your blog is concerned, I haven’t read anything of your’s yet that was boring. Sometimes things develop by themselves and circumstances.
    Cold greetings from Denmark!

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    1. Yes, I agree, sometimes things develop by themselves… just gotta go in that direction I suppose. I’m glad my stuff isn’t boring. That’s great! Seriously, what a wonderful compliment 🙂

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  2. Welcome home, JoAnn! Great to be warm again, huh? Once your sinuses realize they’re in a much better place, they’ll get with the program too.

    Awesome collection of photos, especially as they represent something which makes current reality all the sweeter. All you have to do is to glance at any one of them and to realize that, at this time last week, you were right there, iced in. Wow, JoAnn, that’s a radiant smile!

    As for your blog’s future direction, I kinda like where it is right now, though if you seek a different direction, I vote for food & travel. Now, why would I type something like that?

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  3. Welcome home to sea, sun and fun JoAnn….as I freeze my buns off here – lol! Some girls have all the luck I tell yuh! Hope all is well with you and yours. Pics from the plane was truly amazing – I can only imagine how cold those areas were. As for the suggestions for the direction of the blog, you can keep it just as it is. Write your stories when you have them and post your photos when you have them – best of both worlds kinda thing. Have a marvelous Monday!

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    1. Yes, I believe that’s what I will keep doing for now until I have some other kind of brainstorm pop up.
      Idaho was crazy cold! You know them people are whacked when they declare that the weather has warmed up… from 9 to degrees to 30 degrees! I’ve been living in the south way too long to buy up that mess!
      All the while people in Orlando are bitching because the high is only in the 50s. Everything is relative I guess. TT is still lovely and warm though. It’s so nice after being in the frozen tundra, lol!
      Hope you are doing well!

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      1. LOL!!! OMG, I screamed so hard….30 is warm?!?!? That’s some depressing mess right there when 30 degrees makes you happy…LOL!!!! Whacked fuh real, they could keep the frozen tundra all to themselves!!! I’ll take the 50 all day everyday – with a dash of good beach on the side!! Yes thanks I’m doing great, except for when “you know who” showed up for work today – is it groundhogs day – is this a joke – am I being punked?!?

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