After a long wait, Maracas Beach at last!

Finally, we got to get out to the beach. Up until recently, the beaches had been closed from when COVID first hit in… what was that? 2020? Nearly two years ago! Yikesamunga!

It was a lovely visit. I suppose the wait just served to make it that much sweeter. The weather was great with no rain except just a little when driving through the rain forest of the Northern Mountains.

Maracas Beach, TT-JoAnn Ryan
Maracas Beach, TT-JoAnn Ryan

Though Maracas Beach is less than 30 miles away, the drive is a rather harrowing one. One must first navigate the crowded, narrow streets of San Juan, pass through the charming town of Santa Cruz, and then wind along a twisting path through thick trees and foliage.

The drive becomes well worth it though, when the majestic Caribbean Ocean first begins to peek out from the mountains. Soon thereafter, there’s a lookout to stop and take photos and purchase local snacks and wares. These, along with the last photo at the bottom, were taken from this lookout. The scene was really breathtaking.

Maracas Beach, TT-JoAnn Ryan

Snacks we bought: pickled pineapple slices that were crazy heavy on the culantro. Seriously, I like culantro but this was really too much!

Also, a sweetmeat coconut cake that was delicious, but was indeed extremally sweet. I took small bites from it throughout the day and had plenty to take home and nibble at the next few days.

Once getting to the beach everything was just awesome! So relaxing and soul soothing. As it was Friday, the beach was not as busy as it would have been on the weekends. We are not a big fans of crowds. The downside of this is we apparently missed the fire-roasted BBQ chicken that is made especially for the weekends! Drat!

Here I am prior to leaving the house, although I prefer to post photos of stuff other than me.

It was still a great time!

Hope everyone is doing as well as can be!

12 thoughts on “After a long wait, Maracas Beach at last!

  1. Stunning, JoAnn! Part of it is the setting, sure, but much more so, the artistry proclaims your luscious imagination. Finally, a place worthy your vision’s expansiveness.

    The last set of photos you published showed a somber world stuck in place. Frozen solid, it was. The contrast to present joy hardly is an accident, no? Indeed, the progression is inevitable.

    You said it, too, about the tense journey making the destination all the sweeter. That tension predates the physical trip from your home to Maracas. The reward has been much longer in the making, huh?

    PS: You’ll have to try that fire-roasted chicken sometime soon, and then share your conclusions. The poultry gods are becoming restless.

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    1. The contrast really is amazing isn’t it? I suppose we have to have that and some tension in life to keep us going. Odd how that works.

      I have to say, there are indeed great places to get BBQ chicken around here as well as other good food. Local fast food here is so much better and healthier than in America it seems and they don’t charge too much extra for quality like in America. It really puts American fast food to shame.

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      1. No doubt. While I’m sure T&T has some of the convenience chains (starting with the ubiquitous golden arches) in its cities, most “fast food” still is prepared by the vendor, from scratch and on location. It makes for a difference you’ve discovered. Reason 117,762 why you can’t stop smiling now.

        Many of our compatriots’ obsessing over fast food feeds international stereotypes about Americans’ unsophisticated nature. However, as long as people like you delight in good food, the narrative still evolves.

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  2. 🥲 I’m sooooo jealous I shed a tear!!! Maracas Bay, my most favorite place to be on the island, after Las Cuevas!! The water at Las Cuevas is calmer than at Maracas. I just love driving to Maracas and Las Cuevas and stopping at the lookout for treats. Trini people love cilantro aka “shadow Benny” – it is soooo good in chows aka pickled stuff, it will definitely be on overload with all the hot peppers you could get!! I don’t like the crowded beaches either, during the week is best time to go, and yes you would need to visit Richard’s for bake and shark with ALLLLL of the toppings – delicious!!! Sweet, sweet TnT – you’re making me more and more home sick JoAnn 🤣

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    1. My husband had the shark, lol. I’m not too adventurous when it comes to meats but I will try most any fruits or vegetables. I do remember him calling it ‘shadow benny’. Sometimes when I go to write I forget certain names. I need to be a better reporter, lol.
      Will have to check out Las Cuevas. Looks beautiful when I googled it.
      You should come visit. Sounds like it’s been a long time. Do you still have family here?

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      1. Oh Heavens yes, all of my family and my husbands family are in Trinidad – the last time I came home was in 2019 for my father-in-laws funeral. I have property and everything there. I keep saying I have to do better, because it seems as though that’s the only time I come home – for someone’s funeral – smh. I just might be coming this month for a wedding – haven’t quite made up my mind and the clock is ticking! But anywho, Las Cuevas is the best! Parking is kinda limited though. You have got to have some shark girl. I had the same trepidations with the thought of eating shark, but it’s all about how it’s prepared. It has to be well seasoned and cooked, and Richard’s does a really good job with theirs.

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