Moody Monday: Unmet needs and idiotic solutions

Many mental health problems are said to be the result of unmet needs. Seems simple enough to idenitfy your unmet needs and then work to meet those needs.

Friendship Friday: Anxiety and disorientation

How many of you have felt like this... feelings of anxiety and uncertainty get so overwhelming that you start to feel a sense of disorientation and confusion.

Moody Monday: Scatterbrained. Adjusting focus

So many thoughts have been rattling around in my mind... looking for some kind of archor or spark. I know why this is so. There are big decisions I need to make.

Moody Monday: On the topic of medication

Finding the right medication to treat mental health disorders can make a colossal difference for a lot of people, as it did for me. And like a lot of people, I've tried several different kinds. BPD does not have a magic pill associated with it, unfortunately, but antidepressants can still be helpful.