Famous Floridians: Tom Petty

Read about Tom Petty's life and ties to Florida.

Famous Floridians: Bob Ross

I absolutely suck at painting. For real. But I love, love, love to watch Bob Ross paint. It's like seeing magic happen right before my eyes. He was truly gifted and his voice was so very soothing. I guess that's why he remains popular nearly 25 years after his death. I also love that just … Continue reading Famous Floridians: Bob Ross

Famous Floridians: Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison was born in Melbourne in 1943. He was a military brat whose family moved around a lot, thus he didn't stay in Florida for long. A few years later his sister was born in New Mexico. A year after that his brother was born in California. He did return to Florida for a … Continue reading Famous Floridians: Jim Morrison