Moody Monday: Garden roses, mental health and Florida living

Fuscia Pink Garden Rose - JoAnn Ryan - Orlando. FL Is there anything better than a rose? Yes, of course there is... lot's of roses. All these photos were taken right in the backyard where I live. I can't take credit for their cultivation though. That is my landlady's doing. Currently, I live in a … Continue reading Moody Monday: Garden roses, mental health and Florida living


Wildflower Wednesday: Lively Lantana in the Florida “winter”

The wind blew as wild as these lovely lantana flowers grow on the day I attempted to snap these photos. When something catches a photography lover’s eye relatively little will stop that person from trying to steal a capture.

Florida foliage: Captivating callicarpa

I took these pixies back in October of last year on the same trip to the local park as when I took the photos for the "The phenomenal flaming torch." Just like the flaming torch these instantly caught my eye. They are quite unique aren’t they? So robust and striking... they almost look fake as … Continue reading Florida foliage: Captivating callicarpa

Florida flowers: The phenomenal flaming torch

This unique flower reminds me of the very first flower post I did on this blog, which ended up being quite popular and fueled all the numerous flower posts I've done since that time. Here it is: Florida foliage: The strange bottlebrush flower. As it turns out there's good reason for the connection as both … Continue reading Florida flowers: The phenomenal flaming torch

Florida flowers: The ornate oleander

Oleander is one of the most popular and well-known flowers in the world. It's so prolific across the globe that its native origin is not known, although it's thought to be native to the middle east.