Abstraction, funky flowers and cake mix cookies

Psychological abstraction, good or bad? One of my new favorite words—or anti-words—is abstraction. The other day I was watching a TedTalk on YouTube. Now, some TedTalks are really awesome and informative, and others... not so much. While watching one, this term abstraction fell into my head from out of the clear blue sky.


Padded walls and potato salad

Does homemade potato salad ever get the praise it deserves? Never! 😋 Why can’t a person work on their mental health and eat homemade potato salad at the same time? Who says it can't be done? That’s what I’d like to know.

No amount of healthy food can quell old haunting memories

Life is so fragile. Here in an instant and gone in an instant. Appreciating it should be an easy enough thing. Life can be filled with a lot of pain, though, and confusion. How to seek out what makes us happy and how to hold onto it? Maybe it comes easier for some than others. It hasn't always come easy for me.

Happy Sunday: The saga of the quick breads

Been dabbling in baking quick bread lately. Quick breads tend to be easy, inexpensive, fun to make, and provide days worth of homemade breakfast and snack items. A couple of weeks ago I made banana pineapple bread...

Friendship Friday: Yummy curry soup and outlets for photography fanatics

A great recipe for Indonesian Chicken & Peanut Soup as well as places to publish photos and interact with other photo enthusiasts.

Celebrating Divali in Trinidad

I arrived back in Trinidad in time to experience what Divali during the time of COVID is like here. In Trinidad Diwali often gets spelled with a 'v' instead of a 'w'. Considering that it's derived from the Sanskrit word dipavali, one could argue that the 'v' spelling is more correct...

Fabulous coconut recipes from extra-sweet bloggers/Pinterest…. add yours!

Been stressed out this week… feeling moody and scatterbrained… so, here’s a lovely little post to help me, and hopefully everyone else out there, feel a little better about life! When browsing through the delicious recipes and foodie photos that folks post on their blogs and on Pinterest, anything coconut usually stops me in my … Continue reading Fabulous coconut recipes from extra-sweet bloggers/Pinterest…. add yours!

Food: Best coconut recipes and pics

Attention coconut lovers... highlighted here are some of the best coconut recipes and photos I could find. Of course, many more exist than what I could reasonably feature here. If you search coconut on the WP reader you will see a wealth of great photos and recipes. Enjoy! COCONUT BARS RECIPE on MomFoodie This first recipe reminds me of … Continue reading Food: Best coconut recipes and pics