Moody Monday: Back to black, social anxiety vs narcissism

It's been nice taking a break from mental health for a little while. I've long been obsessed with the topic, especially after being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder in 2012. Beyond that, psychology is simply fascinating isn't it? Why do we silly humans do some of the stuff we do--at times amazing, at times deplorable.


Friendship Friday: Anxiety and disorientation

How many of you have felt like this... feelings of anxiety and uncertainty get so overwhelming that you start to feel a sense of disorientation and confusion.

Then we’ll shoot across the sky…

Oh angel sent from up above... (And then I remember, it’s not all about me!) I was stuck inside my head for a spell. I’m a human after all... bound to make mistakes and be forgetful and whatnot. Getting stuck inside one’s head means that things need to get reigned in. I have to remind … Continue reading Then we’ll shoot across the sky…

Memo at midnight: Cry me a river

Life can break your heart in a million ways... shattered it to bits. Life always finds a way to mend it though... to soothe, to renew hope. Isn’t that remarkable. What world is this?!? (Girl, Interrupted) It’s a topsy-turvy world, that’s what it is... completely crazy poo. Effed-up. A world of ups and downs... of … Continue reading Memo at midnight: Cry me a river

Memo at midnight: Everybody hurts

A giant leap forward for many of us who struggle to maintain good mental health may lie in simply being able to effectively express a full range of emotions, both good and bad, and be ok with it. It's not always easy to express negative or bad feelings though. For reasons that I can understand, … Continue reading Memo at midnight: Everybody hurts