Abstraction, funky flowers and cake mix cookies

Psychological abstraction, good or bad? One of my new favorite words—or anti-words—is abstraction. The other day I was watching a TedTalk on YouTube. Now, some TedTalks are really awesome and informative, and others... not so much. While watching one, this term abstraction fell into my head from out of the clear blue sky.


Friendship Friday: Yummy curry soup and outlets for photography fanatics

A great recipe for Indonesian Chicken & Peanut Soup as well as places to publish photos and interact with other photo enthusiasts.

Food: Lovely fruit to look at… not so good to eat

A few years ago I saw this beautiful strange fruit in the produce section of my local store so I decided to give it a try. Well, let's just say taking photos of it was great fun but eating it wasn't so much.