Wickedly wonderful Wednesday… at midnight

Considering the name of this blog is Midnight Harmony, I’ve decided from now on all of my posts will be scheduled for midnight.

Not that I will always be up at that time. Even though I’m a night owl at heart, I have a very early job I need to be up for so I tend to go to bed early these days.

I’m hardly a morning person either. When all this COVID mess is over maybe things will be different but for now that’s how it’s gots to be! F*cking f*ckery!

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19 thoughts on “Wickedly wonderful Wednesday… at midnight

  1. As the night descends, the air becomes charged with neon sheep in luminescent wool. They’re not there to put you to sleep; they want you to pull their wool. Spartan though your intention, it’s understood, JoAnn, that you have more mundane concerns, as we all do. Still, applause for you is given, though you do not hear it (It still occurs).

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    1. Neon sheep… I like the thought of that… I’ll never count regular sheep again! Yes, those mundane concerns are essential but not always fun! Hope you are doing well, as always!

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  2. Nice choice, JoAnn, one that resonates, as I especially like midnight’s aesthetic. The whole concept surrounding it, actually. Sure, I’m all about sunshine and optimism, though can’t I appreciate the opposite too?

    Opposite “sunshine,” at least. How about “starlight and optimism?” That works.

    Of course, this means I’ll catch your latest the next day, after work, as midnight is past my bedtime (up at 5:00AM, and all). That’s not to imply I don’t stay up late quite often, luxuriating in the atmospherics, though I usually have been offline for at least an hour by that point.

    Anyway, worthy idea, JoAnn, moving closer to your pen name! There’s no telling what strange creatures your posts may spy at such an hour…

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    1. Well, you know how it can be when you have an idea and you jump at it before fully thinking it through… as one wise reader pointed out it’s always midnight somewhere across the planet. Case in point even though it’s about 40 minutes or so til 4pm Eastern time, in the Middle East it will indeed be midnight at that time.

      Oh well, maybe it will work out and maybe it won’t. I do like the idea of “starlight and optimism.” That definitely works for me!

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      1. True, JoAnn, and looking at it that way, it always will be midnight (or thereabouts) somewhere when you post, no matter what time it happens to be here on North America’s eastern edge. Best of both worlds, maybe – post whenever the mood strikes, but always remain true to your screen name.

        Even if it happens to be 12:00AM only in western Kazakhstan (and past Borat’s bedtime anyway), or in one of the Pacific Ocean’s obscure time zones covering one island with a total population of 43. The kind of place where coconuts outnumber people by at least a 200:1 margin.

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    1. Oh that’s good. It’s funny how we all seem to have our own internal clocks. I often wonder if it has to do with the time we are born… interesting!


    1. Yes, I was going to mention that I was on Eastern time but spaced it off… what can I say I’m getting older… getting more forgetful… dropping more things than I used to… it’s wacky!!

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