Mental health superstar: Prince William

In the last several years, Prince William has become vocal about his struggles with mental health issues. He launched a mental health campaign to aid other people dealing with the same struggles.

Most everyone in the world knows the story of the Bristish royal family, it’s all over the media all the time, but few of us probably ever stop and think of them as real people. They have so much money and so many privileges, yes it’s true. Yet at the end of the day they are human beings just like all of us. Not to mention that the eyes of the world are upon them all the time. A prince discussing his own mental health issues is nothing short of revolutionary, in my opinion.

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Prince William and his brother Prince Harry have had a lot to deal with. First came the upheavel of their parents’ marriage and the monumental aftermath. Second came the sudden and tragic death of their mother, the woman beloved by the world (and me), Princess Diana. Prince William was 15 when he lost his mother and Prince Harry was 12. I was 17 when I suddenly lost my own mother. Losing a parent at such a young age and in such a horrific manner is a trauma. Plain and simple. Doesn’t matter who you are.

When Prince William first began his campaign, he reportedly had quite a bit of trouble gaining support from celebrities. Imagine a person of his stature having such trouble? Luckily this seems to changing as he recently teamed up with several football (soccer to us Americans) players. Still, it just goes to show how much work needs to be done to advocate for mental health reform. I only hope that his bravery will lead to even more people joining in to improve the mental health system.

Story in Harper’s Bazaar:

Prince William reveals celebrities shunned his mental health charity

YouTube vid with football players:

See the source image



10 thoughts on “Mental health superstar: Prince William

  1. Right, I don’t think people realize how difficult it can be to live your life like that. And now they will pass things along to a new generation. I think William and Harry will do well though. 🙂🌷


  2. Something else people tend to forget about the royal family is, for all their appearances of wealth and privilege, none of that wealth actually belongs to them, and they are incredibly restricted. Particularly for the king or queen. Prince Charles, for example, can do a lot of activist things as prince that he would have to stop once he is crowned king (if that ever happens; he might just abdicate to William). Everything about their lives is ruled by protocol, tradition and restriction, because they are not really “just people”; they represent their country, their government, and more. What incredible stress that must place on them, at the best of times, never-mind when tragedy strikes.

    I think one of the reasons Queen Elizabeth has done so well is because she was not supposed to be queen. Therefore, as a child, she was more free and had a more “normal” life. She didn’t have to go through the schooling and training that those directly in line for the throne would have had to endure their entire lives. I think that allowed her to start at a healthier point than if she had been regimented from birth. I get a sense that this, in turn, helped her own children and grandchildren.

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  3. This post is close to my heart as well. I lost my dad just before I was 7 years old, he took his own life in a horrific way. He almost took me with him, and I’m sure this has affected my own mental health later on in life.

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