Halloween costume dresses inspired by infamous movie characters

Halloween is nearing and that means you may need some Halloween costume ideas. Check out these dresses and gowns inspired by, well, sometimes beloved movie characters! Now you can have one of your very own to wear to your coronavirus-friendly festivities…. or merely for your immediate family and beloved pets! Arf! Meow! Then again, you can always rock your look on social media.

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Maleficent – Looks slightly different… I think this dress is just magnificent though… maleficent… magnificent!

Carrie – Dress up as one of Stephen King’s most dreadful and scariest characters of all time.

Cinderella – There are so many magnificent Disney costumes to choose from. Who can forget this absolutely stunning dress from the 2015 live action film.

Tiana/The Princess and the Frog – On the subject Disney characters, Tiana just doesn’t get enough recognition. Check out this beautiful dress!

Mulan – Why wait for Halloween? I feel like I could wear this to work tomorrow.

Female Freddy Krueger/Nightmare on Elm Street – The costume seems so much more harmless and fun than the “real” Freddy Krueger.

Elvira – What list would be complete without the Mistress of the Dark and the Queen of Halloween herself?

Lydia/Beetlejuice – Rock an iconic look from one of the most beloved ghost movies of all time.

The receptionist/Beetlejuice – Here’s one that you might not have thought of. I just love it!

Vivian/Pretty Woman – Who could possibly forget this show-stopping look! This one is only for the bold!

Vivian/Pretty Woman – You could also go with this choice, the infamous red dress that everyone wanted to wear after the movie came out.

Morticia Addams/The Addams Family – Go ahead and rock this classic witchy yet vexing look.

Wednesday/The Addams Family – You could also go with this infamous Halloween favorite.

Queen of Hearts/Alice in Wonderland – Why be Alice when you can be a Queen… a bad-tempered Queen… but still a Queen.

Bride of Chucky – I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of the movies… even the thought of killer dolls come to life is just too darned scary for me… this costume is awesome though.

Rockford Peach/League of their own – Fun and non-offensive in all ways. Love this movie!

Cha Cha Digregorio/Grease – Why go as Sandy or Rizzo when you can go as this devious man-stealing tempterous.

Sally/Nightmare Before Christmas – Sally has become a classic favorite Halloween costume and I can see why. I just love it!

Cher/Clueless – This “clueless” chick flick has gone on to be one of most iconic movies of the 1990s. Lots of costume ideas here. Since I like red I chose this one.

Princess Leia/StarWars – Dressing up as Princess Leia may almost be a cliche, however, I still think this costume is just freakin’ awesome!

Wonder Woman – Everyone wanted to be Linda Carter’s version of Wonder Woman in the late 70s. This updated version for the movie is a bit more dress like.

Jennet Humfrye/The Woman in Black – I’ll admit I wasn’t familiar with this movie/play series at all, however, I was very interested after seeing this completely terrifying costume.

Supergirl – What woman doesn’t want one of these? Costumes sales may have been more popular than the 1984 movie itself though.

Marilyn Monroe – All these years later, dressing up as Marilyn Monroe is still crazy popular. You could go with the infamous white dress from The Seven Year Itch, or with this similar show-stopper.

Grace Kelly/Rear Window – If you want a classic and truly elegant look, look no further then this Grace Kelly replica.

Please note: I’m not affiliated with nor do I endorse any of the suppliers listed. The options listed are for informational purposes only. Please shop responsibly.

20 thoughts on “Halloween costume dresses inspired by infamous movie characters

    1. Thank you! I like to change things up sometimes… makes things less boring for me and hopefully everyone else! I mean, who wants to read the same thing all the time 🙂

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  1. Wow, JoAnn, what a lineup!

    A few possible additions for next year – how about Andie (Molly Ringwald) from “Pretty in Pink,” or Ferris’s girlfriend, or his older sister, from One-of-the-Best-Movies-Ever-Made? C’mon, somebody has to represent for the John Hughes canon!

    Just as your iconic 80s females were followed, eventually, by their male counterparts, I’m hoping a guys’ costume guide is in the works too. I mean, I already have seen guys going as The Dude, from “The Big Lebowski.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha, I considered those movies… they all would have been great additions… Ferris’s girlfriend with the fringe jacket would have been awesome!

      At a certain point though I was a bit worried that I was relying too heavily on 80s-era movies. I mean, they were the best of course and I’m more than a bit partial but I did feel like I should diversify somewhat by considering movies from other decades.

      The Dude is becoming a popular choice and I can definitely see why. Love that movie! It seems an easy costume to pull off as well. One basically just has to dress like a bum… the hard part would be keeping hold of the White Russian filled glass… then again that might not be so tough either. 🍹

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right? I wish I could wear one everyday of the year… well maybe not every day… that might get rather exhausting!


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