Moody Monday: When I left there was a rainbow

Last Monday I said goodbye to a relationship of six years–we lived together for nearly three. It was an emotional decision but I do believe it was the right one.

Go figure, it was rainy and overcast as I was driving away that last day but I was amazed to see a rainbow ahead of me the whole way forward to where I was headed! It gave me hope. It gave me a sign that I was doing the right thing. I felt sad and cried a lot but I also felt it was the right decision to make.

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My energy has been pretty drained lately and thus I haven’t been as active blogging as I usually am but hopefully I will be up and running again soon.

The lovely tree photo below was taken just a few weeks ago. Florida has so many old, eccentric-looking trees like this giant oak. One of these days I’m going to do a post only about trees.

The second photo I took in 2018. I was driving along one day after a typical Florida summer rainstorm and caught a rare glimpse of a full rainbow. You may also notice in the background there is a bonus second rainbow! The photo absolutely did not do the view justice. It was truly stunning!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far.

JoAnn Ryan – Orlando, FL –

JoAnn Ryan – Seminole County, FL

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17 thoughts on “Moody Monday: When I left there was a rainbow

  1. Ahhhh, JoAnn. The rainbows – both on your way home recently, and the ones you showed us from a few years back – speak of your situation, of your outlook. You just made your war through leaden storminess, yet the sunshine emerges ahead. The land sparkles with dewy freshness. A bright, colorful beam foretells the future, wouldn’t you say?

    Oh, I love your idea about dedicating a post to trees! There are many in our area, both in the forest and even around some of the older homes, which predate the Revolution. Can’t wait to see what you’ve found in your area. If that gorgeous oak is any indication…

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    1. Nature’s many bounties! I don’t think we can ever appreciate it enough.

      Also, I’m so glad that we have the national parks system. Sure, people need a place to live but we also need special places to visit and appreciate that no one person can own and control. 🙂

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      1. Especially in a country as vast as is ours.

        Although, high density doesn’t preclude a robust parks system. Some of the most interesting and vital parks I’ve experienced occupy, maybe, half a block in a large city. These spaces, no matter whether they’re on a national scale or are “just” city-wide, keep the frenetic from raking up all the air.

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  2. Glorious photos. I look forward to the promised more trees. Trees make me happy. They take the long view. I’m glad that though there is the inevitable pain, you feel good about your decision. An omen going forward is always a lovely thing. 😊

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  3. If through all the sadness you have the feeling it was the right decision, then I believe you are right. If you feel relieved after a breakup, although sad, then the relationship was not good for you (anymore).
    Follow the rainbow, dear JoAnn … 🙂 <) All the best to you!

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