Naming a blog or website isn’t always easy

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I’m considering a blog name change. It’s not that I don’t like the current one I have, I love it actually, but my Aries’ nature dictates that I’m a person who thrives on change. When I start to feel uninspired or low on ambition I know I need to make changes in order to keep things fresh and thought-stimulating.

Coming up with a name that can be lived with for a good long while, and that isn’t already taken, can be rather difficult.

The most common names won’t work because they’re either being used already or someone has bought it up so that you can pay thousands of dollars to purchase it from them. Kinda sleezy but everyone has to make their money I guess. It’s just the way of the world.

So, one has to be creative and do some thinking. Here are a few of my brainstorming ideas, questions to ask myself, web pages I’ve been consulting, and examples of existing websites that I thought were cleaver or creative.

How did you come up with your blog name? Do you still love it or do you want to change it?

What are your favorite colors?

Colors can be an awesome inclusion. My favorite color is red but I love all colors really.


How to Come Up With a Blog Name (with 50+ Examples)

Favorite Words and Your Thesaurus

Favorite words can be used or manipulated by changing spellings and whatnot. I always thought The Weeknd was rather clever.

Names of flowers (rose, lilac, azalea, orchid), gems (diamond, opal), trees (willow, oak, pine, aspen), food (apple, lemon, lime).


Publication-related words to use

Post, journal, gazette, times, herald, sentinel, standard are all common names.


How To Choose A Blog Name You Won’t Regret: The Definitive Guide

Months & Seasons

I was born in the month of April so I had thought about using that in a blog name. I love the band name Blue October as well, which would have made a great name for a blog.

What about using summer, spring, fall, or winter? What about springtime, solstice, etc.


Song Titles

Names of songs could be turned into a great blog or website name. I haven’t researched all of these so I can’t speak to the availability but it’s something to think about.

And what about the names of movies or books! So many to choose from and adapt.


  • “Paint It Black”
  • “Karma Police” (Keto Karma)
  • “She Talks to Rainbows”
  • “No Satisfaction”
  • “Crimson and Clover” (The Crimson Clover Blog)
  • “Ticket to Ride”
  • “Let it Be”
  • “She Wore Blue Velvet” (Blue Velvet Spa)
  • “When September Comes”

A Creative Blog Names List: Cool Blog Name Ideas

More Examples Great Blog Names


HOW TO NAME YOUR BLOG // 6 Things To Know When Naming Your Blog, Website, And Choosing A Domain Name (great video!)

Ideas are endless and keywords can be found anywhere and everywhere! I’ve come up with quite a few possible blog names but have yet to settle on one. I keep brainstorming though.

Hope everyone is well and happy!

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19 thoughts on “Naming a blog or website isn’t always easy

  1. Your deliberations provide a whole new appreciation for the creativity bands must summon when they name themselves. They’ve got to come up with something punchy enough to attract attention and to sell music. Likewise for you, JoAnn, except make that last action “specifically, to attract readers.”

    How about, “Wildflower Hum?” Speaks to the brightness that inspires your interests. Not just one color, either, but a kaleidoscopic riot.

    The “hum” part focuses on the transcendent and the ethereal and, above all, achieving happiness.

    Or, you could name it “Pete,” and encourage endless speculation of just what you mean by that.

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    1. Lol, I like Pete. There’s a lot to be said for unusual names as they stick out in the mind. As much as I love words like parsimonious though, I don’t want to be spelling it out to people all the time or have people scrunch up their faces… what the hell is that?

      Wildflower is a great word, easy to spell… The Wildflower Journal… not bad… I love the words stone and slate so I’ve been thinking of words like sunstone, moonstone… red slate is taken but maybe something similar. As much as I want to rush and pick something I’m just going to hold back and see which one naturally sticks out it’s nose at me.

      Thank you for the suggestion of Pete though, I will most definitely consider it although I would have to change it up a bit because, as it turns out, Pete is not available as a site name.


      1. Of course, “Pete” is taken. Why wouldn’t it be?

        Maybe you should settle on “Type Title Here” and be done with it.

        Oh, I completely agree with you about those who trot out complex monstrosities. Hint, Dear Blogger, doing so doesn’t mean you’re stylish, it means you’re pretentious. Making your readers feel confused, frustrated and inadequate, How’s that working out for ya’?

        You mentioned, and it begs repetition, there are a multitude of possibilities out there. All the more so when you’re a creative thinker, as you are.

        JoAnn, you’ll come up with something that’ll make us ask why we didn’t suggest something cleverly lyrical like that. …if only we had thought of it in the first place, that is.

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        1. Type title here is even better! So obvious and generic that it’s deceptively clever. How’s that for an oxymoron?

          I keep making lists of possible names. Some are great but just not right. Maybe when I finally decided on a name I will sell all the other names for a dollar and get rich!

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  2. I would start with a description of the kind of impact you want to have and free-associate words and phrases from it.

    One of my blogs is a statement that I will do what I want with a pun of sorts in the subtitle.

    The other borrowed a classic phrase from Monty Python. Since I am getting older, I feel like I’m slipping into irrelevancy and it is a protest against that.

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    1. Monty Python might be the perfect inspiration… will have to consider that. The Blog of Ni? I always thought they said ‘Nit’ until I looked it up.

      I’ve been brainstorming writing terms. I kinda liked Anaphora but it’s taken and changing it at all ruins the affect. Talking in Metaphor I kinda like but I don’t love it either… I don’t always talk in metaphor.

      I’m sure I will think of something soon!


  3. Mine is from a different blog I had with a similar title on Weebly..I think. I did not like that forum. There are two others I have on WP under a different name and one I am always nervous someone will ‘take’ it. It isn’t one I write in often, but it is connected to a blessing blog. Anyway, I made up the first one and the blessing one is from a quote by Charles Dickens. This one I had to tweak letters and add words since the regular spelling was taken!

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  4. My blog name originally came from the name I’d come up with for a business idea that I was vaguely considering but then discarded. I’m okay with it, but the downside is it’s too general to be very search engine friendly. I considered a name change, but I’ve put quite a bit of work into establishing an internet footprint with this blog name, and I don’t really want to start out over in that sense, so I’m just going to stick with what I’ve got.

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    1. That is very true. Sometimes I will be reading a post and they will mention your blog as being one the top mental health blogs and I think, hey, I know that lady!! You definitely deserve the accolades by the way. I agree at that point it would be difficult to change but I think you have a great name. Mental health @ home sounds comforting and relaxing.

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