Memo at Midnight: Everyday is so wonderful… then suddenly…

Does the rollercoaster of life ever end? Isn’t it amazing how life can be looking up and going in the right direction, then all of a sudden the brakes get slammed and the world is turned topsy-turvy. One moment you’re on your feet and the next you’re on your head with a tidal wave sweeping in.

Take, for instance, my recent life experiences. I got a promotion at work a few weeks ago. I had no idea though exactly what I was getting myself into. I never knew that there would be so much jealousy from my co-workers. These are people who I’d always had a great relationship with… or so I thought.

Now I have to worry about backstabbing, attempts at making me look incompetent in order to knock me off the pedestal they think I’m on… and just basically acting like a bunch of kindergarteners!?! Even if you’re still the same person, it’s those around you who can sometimes make drastic changes.

I also never realized the added amount of pressure I would be under from the “uppers.” They want to know they’ve made the right decision in promoting me, I suppose, and thus don’t mind giving me as many hoops to jump through as my monkey-butt can handle.

I seem to have a zillion beady little eyes upon me all the time now. But it’s ok, I’m in the right frame of mind and time in my life to handle all this. Verily, verily, I say unto y’all… bring it on bitches! I can jump through your hoops and still have plenty of energy left over to sprint around the block. I can still be my cool, calm self and not let anyone get under my skin. I can stand firm and not let anyone knock me to the ground…

…well, that was until this coronavirus madness transpired and now nothing is certain. Everything at work is just plain crazy and there’s a bunch of questions marks flying around like pesky gnats. I can understand taking precautions by grabbing hold of the railing (cleaned and sanitized of course) but locking oneself onto the railing with handcuffs and never letting go seems, well, just dumb. Might as well sink the ship and be done with it because it’s no way to live!

Well now, hopefully the pandemonium won’t last too long and we can all get back to normal things… like, in my case, exacting revenge on all those backstabbing bitches…

…ah, not really. I’m not too much of a vindictive person, takes too much of my precious energy! The greatest revenge is really just to keep being successful and ignore ‘em. Let all those darts bounce off me and fall to the floor like dust from a flour sack. Ah, what a lovely image!

Just gonna keep being as cool, confident and awesome as I possibly can be! Hope all of you are able to do the same!

(And thank you to Christina Aguilera and Linda Perry for creating that awesome song!)

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20 thoughts on “Memo at Midnight: Everyday is so wonderful… then suddenly…

  1. Wow, staying home is nice although if you’re like me I tend to get restless fairly quick. I like being out and about doing things. Luckily I have a job that is considered “essential” so I will still be getting out but of course like everything now work is crazy and chaotic! Anyway I’m glad you’re doing well and hope you’ll enjoy your home time!


  2. First of all, well done, JoAnn. Obviously, those who would know, value your contributions and want to see more.

    As for those who snipe, it just shows some people don’t deal well with change. Really, that’s their reaction to this, when coming upon a situation that baffles them, is to befoul what had been a good relationship? Petty, yet revealing.

    Speaking of not dealing well with change, this whole coronavirus thing has just about all of us flummoxed. While my personal burden has been relatively light – I know no-one who’s been exposed, and the virus hasn’t had much of a real impact locally – we’re not unscathed. Shelves have emptied and people are hyperventilating.

    The most maddening thing right now is the uncertainty. What’s ahead? There are predictions galore, ranging from the most intensely dire, to not nearly so bad. Who’s right? You can bet it’s neither of the extremes, Eventually, the situation will settle, and we’ll deal with it. Just getting to that stability may (or may not) take some time.

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    1. Yes, unfortunately my job has been severely impacted. Still working a little doing odd things but the uncertainty of it all is the most frustrating part. 😕


  3. Congrats on your promotion JoAnn and just ignore all the haters, jealous co-workers and back-stabbin’ bitches. You got the job so the bosses obviously think you can do it. I wrote a post recently re Professional Jealousy at work, you might like to read it 🙂

    It’s probably pretty similar to your experience.

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    1. I did check it out. Amazing the kinds of people you have to deal with sometimes. 😳
      Robs all your patience and energy just to deal with them sometimes.

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        1. Yes, just like right now my job, a job I love, has come to a screeching halt because of the coronavirus. I can’t even direct my ire toward anyone specific though because you can’t fault people for wanting to be safe. 😕

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  4. It is quite sad that people can be so envious. I am sure that most of the bitches would not even want your present position, but if something good happens to somebody else, it stimulates this awful, negative emotion in people. It is so sad … they must be very dissatisfied with their lives …

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    1. It is sad and quite surprising for me. I’m hoping that when people get used to it they will move onto other outlets to deal with their dissatisfaction. 😕

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