My list of gratitude: But wait, is my life cursed?

I get to feeling this way sometimes, like everything I do and all the hard work I’ve done pushes me backward instead of forward. I start to think that my life is cursed!

But then I have to snap myself out of that mode of thinking. This isn’t always easy. Dwelling in misery has a certain kind of solace to it. I don’t have to do anything. I don’t have to make any effort. All I have to do is curl up and take comfort in my own pity.


This isn’t a way to live, it’s just a way to get by until the bad feelings pass. So, even though I’m kinda feeling like crap today, I’m making a list of all the things I have to be thankful for and sending out my note of gratitude to the universe.

This is mindfulness or transcendentalism or law of attraction or whatever you want to call it. What this really means is: I have the power of the universe inside myself. I have the power to change things for myself.

Here is my list of gratitude:

I have food to eat and friends who will feed me if I’m hungry.

I have friends!

I’m in reasonably good health. Sure I have mental problems, a bad thyroid and occasional tension headaches that are mindboggingly painful, but I could have it a lot worse.

I have a car that runs and gets me around.

I have the powers of hearing and sight to hear and see the beautiful world around me.

The weather today is warm. No coat and I’m wearing shorts…. they’ve been missing me for months.

I have a significant other who loves me. He isn’t perfect, but he tries real hard.

I have a bed to sleep in and a magical fuzzy pillow.

Blue Rose




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